15 DeFi Coins with Best Price Performance of 2020


The analysis firm called CryptoDiffer listed 15 DeFi cryptocurrencies with the best price performance of 2020.

CryptoDiffer has made a list of DeFi cryptocurrencies with the best price performance of 2020 with data from CryptoRank. UMA (UMA) ranked number one on the list prepared on September 10, followed by yearn.finance (YFI), the most popular cryptocurrency of recent times.

The order in the list is as follows:

UMA (UMA): 6412% increase
finance (YFI): 5251% increase
xDai (STAKE): 4565% increase
Orion Protocol (ORN): 2410% increase
Just (JST): 2149% increase
Serum (SRM): 1459% increase
Unitrade (TRADE): 1190% increase
im (ALEPH): 1098% increase
OIN Finance (OIN): 765% increase
WaykiChain Governance Coin (WGRT): 607% increase
bZx Protocol (BZRX): 598% increase
Wapped NXM (WNXM): 511% increase
Balancer (BAL): 480% increase
DIA (DIA): 354% increase
SushiSwap (SUSHI): 238% increase
In this list, bZx Protocol, which is known for its constant attack recently, ranked 11th. SushiSwap, which created the sensation among DeFi coins, is in the last place.

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