15 Best Shows like Westworld


Based on the novel by Michael Crichton, the HBO series “Wild West World” is one of the most inventive science fiction series in recent times. The action of the series revolves around an ultramodern theme park, which allows guests to get into a simulated reality reminiscent of the Old West, and filled with robot “hosts” who fulfill every wish of the guests. But when the owners begin to find their identity, they get tired of being pawns and begin to resist.

While the show hasn’t been a hit for everyone, it certainly offers a lot of fun for sci-fi fans as the show enters its fourth season. From the ideas presented in this world to how these huge concepts relate to the problems of the real world, this is a great genre piece. For fans of “Wild West World” who want to dive deeper into science fiction, there are many other science fiction series devoted to similar topics.

Severance (2022-)

Severance’s setting in an ordinary office seems in stark contrast to the vast Western setting of the Wild West World. But if you delve into the themes of both series, you can see the obvious similarity of these stories about those who control everything and those who resist the reality they know in order to gain their own control.

Severance follows a group of employees of a secret company who undergo an ambiguous procedure to separate their consciousness at work from their consciousness at home. But when they begin to doubt things, they discover that there is more hidden than they realize.

The Keepers (2019)

Surprisingly, “The World of the Wild West” is actually an adaptation of the 1970s sci-fi action movie of the same name. Despite a similar premise, the series updates the story to give a broader and deeper look at the society that could have created such a place as the Wild West World.

The Guardians is a similar sci—fi series, as it is a continuation of the story started in Alan Moore’s groundbreaking graphic novel. While the original story solved huge problems in its superhero story, the new series updates it to touch on a more timely topic.

Firefly (2002-2003)

The first scene of “Wild West World” was a very intriguing mix of the Old West with elements of science fiction. Aspects of the show seemed to be taken straight from a classic western, but then there would be elements outside the park that seem futuristic.

This balance is further developed in the short-lived Firefly series. The film takes images of old Western stories and places them in the world of intergalactic adventures. Nathan Fillion plays the leader of a group of space cowboys performing daring missions across the galaxy.

Dollhouse (2009-2010)

With the character of Dolores and the other “hosts” in the park, they are here to serve the wishes of the park’s guests. This is a life of use and a disposable object, so to see them gain freedom of action and resist is really nice.

There is a similar story in the TV series “The Dollhouse and its heroes”. He is dealing with an organization that erases the memories of its “dolls”, gives them new ones and gives them special skills that meet the needs of their specific customers.

People (2015-2018)

Another topic touched upon in the “World of the Wild West” is how humanity has led these cyborgs to become something more than just machines, and how this has affected their lives. For some, they see them as a danger to the rest of the world, while others see them as free.

The series “People” also touches on the idea of realistic androids used for service only to become a larger part of human society. It focuses on synthetic creatures used as domestic helpers and how they affect the lives of those they work for in different ways.

Analog (2017-2019)

Westworld uses a sci-fi concept to have fun in the western genre. Similarly, Counterpart uses its intriguing sci-fi premise for a fun spy thriller. J.K. Simmons plays a meek employee of a secret organization who is faced with another reality, where there is another version of himself.

The series plays with the idea of identity in the same way as “Wild West World”. Simmons is particularly effective in playing two very different roles and is extremely effective in each of them. It turned out to be a fun and intense thriller with a touch of Cold War.

Space (2015-2022)

The biggest topic explored in the “Wild West World” is the idea that members of society who are mistreated decide to fight for their rights. This idea is also an important part of the underrated series The Expanse.

The series tells about several characters in space, where they work so that those who still live on Earth live in comfort.