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The popular FX pseudo-documentary “What We Do in the Shadows” has been giving fans wild storylines, funny vampires and unforgettable quotes for many years. The best phrases from the show usually come from noisy roommates and their loyal familiars.

The show’s best quotes are also its most iconic. The growing fandom of the series quickly picks up these lines and posts them in memes or discusses them in detail on social networks. Although “What We Do in the Shadows” is a comedy, some of her memorable quotes are serious and at times even touching. These lines highlight the brilliant script that makes the show so interesting.

Updated by Hannah Saab on August 2, 2022: The recently released fourth season of the series “What we Do in the Shadows” gave fans answers to some burning questions related to the shocking finale of last season. As the vampires had more misadventures (this time with baby Colin), they, unsurprisingly, uttered more memorable and often heartbreaking quotes.

“Damn guy.”
Nandor the Relentless

The simple phrase of two words “fucking guy” has become a cult in the fandom. Perhaps this is Nandor’s most memorable phrase, as he utters it in response to absurd situations in the series.

One of the best scenes in which this line is present is when the minor character Topher Delmonico returns from the dead after Nandor kills him, which annoys the vampire. He also mentions it after freeing the bat, which he mistakes for Laszlo. When the bat flies away without thanking him, Nandor shouts “Welcome!” sarcastically before saying his catch phrase.

“This girl is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known.”
Laszlo Cravensworth

It’s no secret that Nadia and Laszlo’s relationship is the best in the series. These two are completely in love with each other and have experienced a lot together over the hundreds of years they have spent as a couple.

Although fans know how much they love each other, Laszlo’s sharp speech about being kicked out of the prestigious Sherwood club probably surprised most viewers. The vampire could not accept the fact that the other participants ridiculed Nadia for being a “peasant girl” from a tiny village, as he sees her as the most beautiful woman in the world. This is an incredibly short but touching monologue that takes everyone by surprise.

“Have you ever thought that maybe there is something more in this life?”
Nandor the Relentless

When Nandor finally admits that “he’s been going through something lately,” he asks Nadja a deep question about the meaninglessness of a vampire’s life. This surprises Nadia, who is most annoyed by Nandor’s uncharacteristic weakness.

This crucial line marks the beginning of Nandor’s “vampire depression” as his existential struggle becomes unbearable. After this quote, fans watch how the usually cheerful vampire is tricked into joining a cult, locked in a basement and announced that he will plunge into “superson” for hundreds of years. This is a harsh storyline that some viewers may have seen after hearing this quote.

“I don’t live to exhaust, I exhaust to live.”
Colin Robinson

Colin’s full capabilities manifest themselves when he gets a promotion at work, which he happily informs his roommates about. Unfortunately, they ignore him as always, which makes the energy vampire uncharacteristically evil.

Colin’s withering powers reach new heights when his head is enlarged and he gains special abilities. With his new leadership position in the office, everyone has to endure awkward communication with him. Colin insists that he is misunderstood too often and says his own version of the cliche: “I don’t live to work, I work to live.”

“I became a vampire to suck blood and fuck forever.”
Laszlo Cravensworth

If there is one quote that perfectly describes Laszlo’s personality, it is the phrase he confidently utters after refusing to be part of the Vampiric Council. While Nadia, Nandor and Colin are arguing about who should be the ruler of the Council, Laszlo leaves and explains to the film crew why this is not his style.

Laszlo is the most hedonistic vampire among the roommates, and he quickly avoids any activity that requires him to work or take responsibility. Logically, he would rather drink blood and tinker with his topiary than collect taxes for the Vampire Council.

“Creepy paper.”
Nandor the Relentless

When Nandor takes Guillermo shopping ahead of the Baron’s arrival, he finds something that amazes him. He wants everything to be perfect, so he asks his Keeper to get him “colored dust” or sequins and is delighted when he discovers “creepy paper” or corrugated paper.

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He describes the corrugated paper as delightfully “creepy” and takes everything available. It’s an unforgettable scene that highlights how ignorant Nandor is about mundane things.


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