1440p support on PS5 may come in the future


As the PlayStation 5 launch approaches, we are receiving more and more information regarding the console. Among the most recent is the fact that it will not support 1440p resolution, as Sony’s top priority is to ensure that it works well on all televisions.

The information in question was released by Hideaki Nishino, senior vice president of Sony Interactive Entertainemt, in an interview with AV Watch. At the time, he also commented that if there is a satisfactory demand for this resolution option on the console, it can be added later.

Other data

In addition to the resolution data, the network also received information about how virtual reality will work on the console. In his words, “the PS5 will improve this experience. I can’t comment much on the subject, but I’m looking forward to seeing it ”.

Another point mentioned by the executive was about the absence of a browser for the PlayStation 5, something that, in his words, there are doubts about the usefulness of software like this on a console, so you have to wait and see if, in fact, it does sense to add it to the video game.

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