142-125. Davis scores 50 points and Lakers show off against Timberwolves


Power forward Anthony Davis contributed 50 points – best mark of the season – as the undisputed leader of the Los Angeles Lakers attack they exhibited against the Minnesota Timberwolves who beat 142-125 and achieved the fourth straight win.

Alongside Davis, who also made seven rebounds, six assists, four ball recoveries and a cap, star forward LeBron James became the most complete Lakers player.

James finished the game with a double-double of 32 points, 13 assists and four rebounds, although he had problems with the personal after committing four in the first half.

Reserve base Alex Caruso reached 16 points and finished as the third top scorer of the Lakers (21-3), who again have the best brand in the league.

Davis, who came for the fourth time as a professional at 50 points, scored 20 of 29 field shots and the 10 free throws he tried.

The game had no more history than to prove the permanent dominance of the Lakers, who have won 14 games of the last 15 they have played.

All Minnesota headlines scored at least 12 points, but their defense failed to control the Lakers’ attack.

Dominican-born American center Karl-Anthony Towns and Canadian forward Andrew Wiggins scored 19 points each and were the best scorers in the Timberwovles (10-12) who lost the fourth straight game.


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