1400 Horsepower 2006 Model Dodge Viper Reaches Record Speed (Video)


Although the production of the Dodge Viper ends in 2017, the once-legendary car continues to show itself on the tracks. A 2006 Dodge Viper broke a record, making it the fastest Viper car in the world.

In speed tests we have seen many super cars crying tracks. However, the 2006 model Dodge Viper, which you will watch soon, has surpassed itself and reached a record speed of 405 km / h. This is the highest speed ever recorded for Dodge’s recently-forgotten V10-powered supercar.

Actually, the speed trial was not done as the Dodge Viper left the factory. Although the modifications made on it are not disclosed, it is said to have a dual-turbo engine and produce 1,400 horsepower. On a 2.7 km track, the car’s prototype engine parts as well as its tires were tested. The parachute placed behind the vehicle to slow down more quickly proves how fast the speed it can reach.

It does not take long for the Viper to reach 405 km / h. Although the start of the car is a bit slow, the first gears pass quickly and then open like a arab horse. It takes only 10 seconds to reach the car from 160 km / h to 320 km / h and can easily reach about 385 km / h. After this point, as the speed increases, the car starts to strain and reaches 407 km / h for a short time, but then the indicator is fixed to 405 km / h.

Testing Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds announced that it uses Garmin and Racelogic monitoring systems for indoor and speed controls. Speed ​​figures were tracked by the International Mile Racing Association (IMRA), a certification body recognized by many groups, including Guinness Records. In other words, this study was a real record attempt.

Video of the fastest Viper in the world


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