14 Huawei in Spain to receive EMUI 11 in December


If with the Huawei P40 Emui 10.1 arrived last March, with the recent Huawei Mate 40 series the brand has launched the following numbered version of its operating system: EMUI 11. And as always happens, the update includes a large number of new features and improvements, the same ones that you can use if you have one of the models in which Huawei will launch EMUI 11 in Spain.

EMUI 11, compatible Huawei phones in Spain

Officially announced, Huawei will debut its new OS in this country from this December. And it will do so in 2 phases until it reaches 14 models in its mobile catalog in Spain. These are the Huawei smartphones that will receive EMUI 11, and when:

Phase 1: Mid December
Huawei P40
Huawei P40 Pro
Huawei P40 Pro +
Huawei Mate 30 Pro
Phase 2: January – March 2021
Huawei Mate Xs
Huawei P30
Huawei P30 Pro
Huawei P30 Pro New Edition
Huawei Mate 20 X
Huawei Mate 20 Pro
Huawei Mate 20
Huawei Porsche Design Huawei Mate20 RS
Huawei Mate 20 X 5G
Huawei nova 5T

EMUI 11 news

Smart Always-On-Display (AOD)

EMUI 11 refines the user experience and implements new vivid and dynamic visuals for the Always-On-Display function in its interface. Now, AOD allows users to personalize their screen and show their personal style by adding text and images to their lock screen.


Multi-Window allows you to open applications in a floating window to perform various tasks. You can relocate the floating window to the desired location or minimize it to a floating bubble for easier access later.

Smoother animations

New and intuitive animations in EMUI 11 create a smoother, more unified, and visually pleasing user experience when touching objects or sliding across the screen. Full-length animations will display when you switch between albums in Gallery or between year and month views on a calendar, for smoother visuals.

Subtle effects

Whether or not you have the switches on or off, subtle effects have been enhanced throughout the operating system for greater visual satisfaction.

Rhythmic ringtones

System vibration has been updated, and incoming calls and alarms now have their own custom vibration patterns. The combination of stereo sounds and coordinated vibrations offers you a more immersive experience.

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In addition to HD calls and video calls, MeeTime also lets you send encrypted messages and animated emoticons, skip back and forth when playing voice messages, and send groups of images in one go.

Multi-screen collaboration

This is a special feature that allows your devices to work together to reach their full potential. You can view on your phone on your laptop screen to improve your productivity with up to three available windows. (This feature requires a Huawei laptop that has PC manager version 11.0 or later installed).

Memo pad

It allows you to scan documents. You can also quickly identify and extract text from images, edit the text, export it in multiple file formats, and share it.

AI subtitles in English

AI subtitles allow you to convert audio to text for songs, videos or speech captured by the microphone even when the sound volume is turned off, as well as translate English content into Chinese in real time.


In the “Discover” tab of the Gallery, you can create video stories by applying preset templates with special effects and background music. The video editing features are optimized and provide you with further instructions on how to use the timeline and editing options.

System translation

Translate Screen allows you to touch and hold the text on a web page in a foreign language with one finger, or on an image with two fingers, to have the text translated. You can also adjust the area of ​​the screen to translate.

Long-lasting softness

A new standard has been introduced for system animations, which improves the launch speed of applications and the smoothness of general operations.

Blurry app previews

On the recent tasks screen, app previews protected by TrustSpace or App Lock are automatically blurred or locked and hidden to protect your private data.

Screen protection without interruptions

When you have Do Not Disturb mode activated on your mobile, and you have it projected on your Huawei laptop, incoming messages and calls are shown only on the phone screen, thus protecting your privacy and ensuring the continuity of the projection function of the screen.


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