13 Reasons Why: There could be a spinoff after Dylan Minnette’s firing


13 Reasons Why, one of the successful series on the Netflix streaming platform, could have a spin-off after the dismissal of Dylan Minnette.

After the farewell Dylan Minnette of the hit Netflix , 13 Reasons Why leave us something clear, it was time to leave behind all dramas of Liberty High . After 3 successful and highly controversial seasons on the Netflix streaming platform , this week its fourth and final installment premiered .

Something that we have been maintaining for the last two seasons is the fact that this will be decisive for Clay Jensen , the beloved character of Dylan Minnette , who has been dealing with very strong things for several years that, to be honest, nobody would like to live with.

Clay Jensen , like the rest of his teammates, have been carrying a truth for some time that not many could keep for so long. With this in mind, a big question arises that fans have asked themselves: Can they keep all the secrets that bind them hidden?

Increasingly dangerous secrets

“Before they can say goodbye, the team of friends will have to come together one last time to keep a dangerous secret hidden , try to make peace with the past four years, and face the final and heartbreaking decisions that could alter their lives forever .” This was a warning that Netflix gave of the first advances of this last season .

After an interview, Dylan Minnette was honest about saying goodbye to this great story , which excited us in wanting to see this new season, although there is a great unknown about what we can expect from the next chapters. Minnette discussed the possibility of a spin-off .

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