13.1 Updates Released For iOS, iPadOS and tvOS


Apple has released the iOS 13.1 update. This update includes all the innovations that come with iOS 13 and more. With the iOS 13.1, which fixes many bugs, the devices become more stable.

Apple recently released the iOS 13 operating system, which is full of innovations. IOS 13.1 was also available soon after this update. iOS 13.1 makes the phones more stable by closing the deficiencies of iOS 13 and fixing the errors.

In addition to the iOS 13.1 update received by devices using iOS 13, iPadOS and tvOS have also received 13.1 updates as of today. Let’s take a closer look at the innovations and other details that come with the update.

Which phones did the iOS 13.1 update come to?

The update is currently in the release phase and in Settings in your phone. Update; Released on iPhone 6s and later, iPhone SE and 7th generation iPod touch. iPadOS will be compatible with all iPads, iPad minis and iPad Pros released after 2014. tvOS 13.1 is also available for all Apple TVs running tvOS 12.

With the new operating system, Apple Arcade has now come to iPad and Apple TV. With this subscription service, you can get access to dozens of games you can play on your Apple devices by paying $ 4.99 per month. You can also play these games with a PS4 or Xbox One controller to pair with your devices.

How to update iOS 13.1?

Back up your content before updating your device, then download the update from Settings. When you select the name of your device from the account information, you can back up the data up to date, or you can backup it via iTunes from a computer. If you have plenty of time and if you’re solid, you should do both. Remember to encrypt the files you backed up. To update your phone later, follow these steps:

Enter Settings
Navigate to the General Settings tab
Select Software Update
You will see “Requesting an update”. When it’s your turn (update to a certain number of devices at a time), the update will start.

With the new iOS 13, apps such as Photos, in addition to Dark Mode, have been renewed and gained additional features. In this version, great attention was paid to privacy and permission. Like Google Maps, Apple Maps has gained a 3D display feature.


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