$ 128 Million Donation From The Richest Man In Hong Kong


Li Ka-shing, the richest person in Hong Kong, donated $ 128 million to businesses that suffered four months of demonstrations in the region.

According to CNN Business, the charity said in a statement, 91-year-old Ka-shing’in, China’s Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has suffered losses due to demonstrations in China’s $ 128 million said.

“The global economy is stagnating. Plus Hong Kong’s economy is facing unprecedented challenges,” the statement said, hoping the donation would “pioneer” assistance to small and medium-sized companies going through difficult times. expression.

The Hong Kong government also announced that it will allocate $ 255 million to support small companies in the region.

It is argued that Li Ka-shing and other Hong Kong property riches are facing pressure from China due to protests in the region. Official media reported news that criticized the region’s real estate brokers and held them responsible for rising home prices.

A comment in Shinhua last month claimed that rising home prices were “the cause of social unrest in Hong Kong”. The report called on the district administration to take back the land from the brokers and offer more affordable homes to alleviate social anger.

Protests in Hong Kong

China’s Hong Kong Special Administrative Region protests in China to be tried to extradite the suspects to be tried to bring the law to the local assembly in April, but the protest was presented to the local parliament in July, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced that the bill “died” announced.

“The bill is dead,” despite the ongoing demonstrations after the ongoing Chief Lam, said the bill will be withdrawn on September 4, “the government will officially withdraw the bill to calm concerns.” expression.

The protesters demand the withdrawal of the bill, as well as the establishment of an independent commission for investigating police violence against activists, amnesty to arrested protesters, ending the so-called “uprising” of protests and resuming political reforms.

Protests occasionally clash between protesters and police or opposing viewers.


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