120 Hz screen mark for iPhone 12 in iOS 14 beta 5 codes


We expect the first 5G compatible iPhone models to be released in October. It is said that there will be an interesting feature in addition to 5G in the new iPhone 12 series. This feature may be even more interesting for regions where 5G has not yet been activated. We are talking about a high refresh rate display.

Last June, a Twitter user named Ben Geskin and a more common leak source pointed out that there was an option to “Limit Frame Rate” in the first iOS 14 developer beta. The option in question limited the maximum frame rate of the screen to 60 frames per second. Currently, the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models have a 60 Hz display. Therefore, the presence of the option in question does not make much sense in current iPhone models.

In recent reports, it was claimed that the iPhone 12 will also come with a 60 Hz screen. It was previously said that the two higher-level models would support 120 Hz refresh rate, but Apple would not enable it due to battery concerns.

A Twitter user noted that after installing iOS 14 beta 5 on his iPhone 11 Pro, he saw the option to limit the refresh rate to 60 Hz. If Apple has not yet removed this option, then there is a possibility that a 120 Hz screen may come.

Analyst Ross Young, known for his expertise in displays, also noted that there may actually be work on the 120 Hz display. He also stated that the new iPhones will not come with LTPO back panel technology and will not have an adaptive refresh rate like the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

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In a previous report, it was said that the 120Hz display on the iPhone 12 Pro Max works as intended and the problem is related to applying it to the iPhone 12 Pro. As the release of the new iPhone models has been delayed by several weeks, Apple will have more time to improve the Promotion display, the high refresh rate display.


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