12-year-Old Millie Bobby Brown Wanted THIS Grammy Winner to Sit Down for Her 13th Birthday


We all have our own desires when we enter a special stage of life. Each of us has different fantasies that we want to be true. For 12-year-old Millie Bobby Brown, it was the same. As a child actress, she really held herself back from becoming a full-fledged character.
Even if she was a star in her own right, as she is now, a teenage girl wanted to receive a special gift from one of the most famous personalities in the industry. As a gift, she wanted the artist to sing her birthday greetings when “Stranger Things” are about to enter the teenage period of her life. Do you know who the singer is?

Who did Millie Bobby Brown wish to sing her a song for her birthday?

It is not surprising that the star has no shortage of fans around the world, but along with them she is the favorite of every movie actor / actress. Having this advantage, the star in one of the interviews wished that the Grammy winner would perform at her party and sing a couple of lines to her, as if she had turned into a teenager. It was none other than Adele. On the red carpet during her thirteenth birthday, a supernova from “Stranger Things” opened.
Millie has reportedly confirmed that “she’s a really good singer,” calling the English singer-songwriter one of her biggest sources of inspiration. Moreover, Adele is the only person Millie considers an idol. When asked who would inspire her throughout her career, Millie named Lilly Collins and Felicity Jones as the two stars.

The star considers “incredible actresses” stylish and elegant Britons. Therefore, they can be a guiding light for her throughout her acting profession. When asked about her other birthday plans, the star had no choice but to just chat with her friends.

Although the star was still a teenager at the time, Brown was always beyond her years both in maturity and in her sense of style. Even today, she is notable for her age, as the star has already achieved some of her most outstanding achievements at just 18 years old.

What would you wish for your birthday? Also, how did you like the style of Millie Jenny Packham and Sodia Webster? Let us know in the comments below.


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