12 wonders for BLACKPINK’s Jisoo to make you love


Learn more about Jisoo and discover some traits of her personality that will show you how charming she is even off stage.

BLACKPINK is one of the most recognized groups in the K-Pop world today. The 4 members have personalities that conquered the audience, but knowing more about Jisoo will make you love this idol, we will tell you some curiosities about her history and her way of being.

Jisoo was born on January 3, 1995 and experimented in various facets of art while discovering what her dream was. Like all good Capricorns, Jisoo is disciplined and hardworking, but she perfectly balances responsibilities with her unique sense of humor and calm character.

Kim Ji Soo was born in Seoul, South Korea and it would be in this same place where she would find her passion for music, discover more about this singer with some information about her life.


  • Jisoo is 1.62m tall, so she’s the shortest member in BLACKPINK.
  • Jisoo received an invitation to audition at SM Entertainment agency, but turned down the offer due to already being a part of YG at the time.
  • The first time she took dance and singing classes was after joining YG Entertainment, so as a trainee she had to take many classes to become familiar with both techniques and perfect her performance.
  • Before joining this company, Jisoo was in a drama club. Once he became a trainee, he was able to exploit his interest in this area by having a few cameos in K-Dramas, acting in music videos, and even commercials. Jisoo will soon be starring in the series Snordrop.
  • This idol is the BLACKPINK member who cries the least, the group’s concerts can make other girls emotional, but Jisoo is the one who comforts them.
  • He adopted a pet named Kim Dalgom, a small white Maltese dog.
  • Jisoo is one of the ambassadors of the Dior brand, which gave her confidence in her image and her fashion style.
  • She has a surprising facility to improvise songs according to the moment she is living.
  • She likes to read manga so she has a lot of them.
  • Jisoo is the BLACKPINK member with the least experience speaking English, but Jennie claims that it’s not because she doesn’t understand it but because she is embarrassed to speak it.
  • She likes to balance things on her head and shoulders, so she has been caught placing cards or bottles of water trying to find the balance.
  • In the Light Up The Sky documentary, Jisoo revealed that during her childhood her family used to tease her because of her physique, but now she stands out for being a visual within K-Pop and working alongside various brands such as her image.
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