12 Wonder About EXO’s Sehun That Will Make You Love


Learn more about EXO’s Sehun with these trivia. Oh Sehun was born on April 12, 1994, he is 26 years old (27 in Korean age). Him family consists of him parents and an older brother. His dream as a K-pop idol started when he was very young, he was still an elementary school student when an agent from the SM Entertainment agency approached to offer him an audition.


Sehun managed to become a trainee of the company in 2008 after being selected in the SM System casting in 2008, since then, he spent 4 years training before becoming the fifth member of EXO to be announced. The idol debuted with his group in 2012.

The EXO member is characterized by having a shy, playful personality and being intelligent, as well as being one of the tallest boys in the industry, measuring 1.83 centimeters. In addition to serving as a K-pop idol, Sehun also possesses talents as a climber and has achieved ulzzang status in the past.

This Korean term is used for people who have perfect features and who attract great popularity due to their great physical attractiveness, some of their peers have also flattered their features. If you are new to the EXO-L fandom or want to know more about it, we leave you a list with 12 curiosities of EXO’s Sehun.

  • His favorite colors are black and white
  • Even though he was not part of the Chinese subunit EXO M, the idol does very well in advanced Mandarin, something that helps him in his communication with Lay
  • He used braces in the past, something that makes it difficult for him to pronounce the s
  • Sehun hopes to get married in his 30s and his ideal girl should get along with him parents
  • One of his hobbies is swimming, his height helps him a lot in this activity
  • The idol is a fan of fashion, he even attended a Louis Vuitton show, he also prefers formal clothes to look more manly
  • Super Junior’s Donghae is one of his closest companions at his agency
  • His celebrity crush is Miranda Kerr from Victoria’s Secret
  • You may be claustrophobic, never wanting to stay in an elevator alone
  • People who deal with 2 different personalities annoy him
  • His favorite food is sushi, meat dishes and Bubble Tea, he also loves chocolate
  • The idol studied and graduated from Performing Arts, something that has helped him perform as an actor and MC in various programs
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