12 What’s New In Google Workspace For Remote Work


Google Workspace news was one of the attractions of the first day of Google I / O 2021, which started this Tuesday (18th). The updates are part of Smart Canvas, an initiative to make the tool even more collaborative.

Discover the 12 new features of Google Workspace, which will be launched by the end of this year.

1. Smart cards

When you type “@” to search for someone, smart cards with people’s data will be displayed.

2. Pages without limits

Working with large images and large tables will be easier, just adjust the page to the screen size.

3. Reactions with emojis

Were you satisfied or disliked the work? Choose the appropriate emoji for your reaction.

4. Inclusive language

The proofreader will recommend a more inclusive language if he identifies words or phrases that are considered offensive.

5. Importing meeting notes

Docs will now automatically import any relevant information from Agenda meeting invitations.

6. Checklists

Still in Docs, it will be possible to add checklists and assign tasks to all team members.

7. Tables

The text editor will also have table templates, including columns for voting and project tracking.

8. Integration with Google Meet

The integration of Meet with the other tools will allow you to make videoconferences in the apps themselves.

9. Subtitles and live translations

New language options will be added to subtitles at Meet, which will also gain live translation of subtitles.

10. Timeline

In the Spreadsheets app, the user will be able to view a timeline of the actions, to better interact with the projects.

11. Suggestion of formulas

Also in Spreadsheets, the program’s intelligence may suggest the use of formulas, facilitating data analysis.

12. Chat room editing

Editing documents and spreadsheets can be done together in the Google Chat rooms, on the web version of the platform.


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