12 Things Fans Never Knew about Three


The Company of Three was one of the most popular sitcoms of its time and aired for 8 seasons from 1977 to 1984. The series was about three roommates, a man and two women living in Santa Monica. Due to the nature of their unique living conditions, misunderstandings often arose that caused fans to laugh out loud, and at the time this premise was actually considered quite controversial.

It has been more than 25 years since the series, which won everyone’s heart, went off the air. It proves what a cult sitcom The Company of Three was, which we’re still talking about all these years later. While many fans may believe they know everything there is to know about this wacky comedy, there were a few mysteries in the series.

Updated by Tanner Fox on July 25, 2022: The Company of Three, which ran for eight seasons from 1977 to 1984, is among the most famous sitcoms of the late 1970s and early 1980s. With what was considered a rather controversial central conceit at the time, Three’s Company made television a must-watch, and its impact on future sitcoms cannot be underestimated.

As is the case with any TV series with such success, there is quite a lot of backstory around the “Company of Three”, which even experienced fans may not be involved in. From Priscilla Barnes’ hair color to John Ritter’s amazing cameo, it’s time to catch up with everyone’s favorite Santa Monica roommates.

The three main characters met on the first day of filming

Suzanne Somers, John Ritter and Joyce DeWitt had great chemistry on set even at the very beginning of the series. Fans will never be able to say that the three main actors met for the first time on the first day of filming.

All three were brought together on the first day of filming, and fortunately for everyone who worked with Three’s Company, the talented actors were able to pull it off. The chemistry of Somers, Ritter and DeWitt was undeniable, and the producers knew they had made the right decision when it came to casting.

The woman in the opening credits was Suzanne Somers

When fans think of Suzanne Somers, they think of her platinum blonde hair. Chrissy and Suzanne Somers were known for their stunning blonde hue, but the talented actress also looks amazing in the image of a brunette.

In the opening credits of “The Company of Three”, Jack rides a bicycle along a path along the beach. He loses his balance and falls off his bike when a beautiful brunette attracts his attention — and who can this dazzling dark-haired lady be? It was none other than Suzanne Somers in a wig.

Billy Crystal was almost Jack the Clap

Fans couldn’t imagine anyone other than John Ritter in the role of dumb Jack Tripper, whom they all got to know and love. But John Ritter almost didn’t get the role, as Billy Crystal claimed the role of roommate.

Fortunately for the fans of John Ritter and Billy Crystal, everything worked out in the end. Ritter was perfect for the role of Jack, and Billy Crystal successfully starred in such iconic roles as Harry Burns in “When Harry Met Sally” and Miracle Max in “The Princess Bride”.

Somers left due to unequal pay

Suzanne Somers, Joyce DeWitt and John Ritter made such a perfect team that fans were heartbroken when Somers left the series in 1981. When fans find out why Somers left the show, they will no doubt all be on her side.

Somers was ahead of her time. In the 1970s and 1980s, male actors were usually paid more than their female counterparts. While Suzanne Somers earned only $30,000 per episode, John Ritter raked in a lot of money, earning $150,000 per episode. When Somers demanded equal pay, they found a way to remove her from the series. However, this did not stop her, as she made a successful career in Hollywood, starring in another sitcom called “Step by Step”.

Ritter, DeWitt and Somers were to sing the opening theme

The phrase “come and knock on our door” was and remains an important part of the spoken language of baby boomers, but perhaps it would not have been so memorable if the initial step of forcing the stars of the show to sing it had passed.

According to the legendary TV songwriter and composer of the theme “The Company of Three” Joe Raposo in the behind-the-scenes novel with the appropriate title “Come and knock on our door: her, her and his guide to the company of three”, the producers of the show were entertained by the idea of the actors singing at least part of the theme. However, in his own words, the actors “… tried,” but “didn’t even come close.”

Larry wasn’t supposed to be a regular player

Fans love Jack’s best friend Larry, as he often uttered some of the funniest lines in the role of a ladies’ man. Three’s Company wouldn’t be the same without Larry, but initially Larry wasn’t supposed to be a regular on the sitcom.


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