12 things about Park Seo Joon, , You should know


12 things about Park Seo Joon, you should know if you’re a fan of this actor. Park Seo Joon has become a star of Korean dramas, find out these fun facts about him.

Park Seo Joon has conquered the world of drama with his talent and effort. He recently participated in the hit drama Itaewon Class, but since a long time ago, this actor has established himself as a favorite within this type of narrative.

Probably you too have been conquered by the acting ability of Seo Joon , who at 31 years old has already recorded a total of 12 dramas alongside incredible casts.

If you’re a fan of Park Seo Joon’s acting , you can’t miss these fun facts about his story and abilities that will allow you to get to know him better .

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  • Park Seo Joon was born on December 16, 1988, so his zodiac sign is Sagittarius.
  • In addition to speaking Korean as his native language, this actor also has an intermediate level in the Spanish language, although he admits that he can understand it better than he speaks it.
  • His shyness was what motivated Seo Joon to join the acting club at his school, as he wanted to lose his fear of people’s attention to improve his lifestyle.
  • He is close to Hyorin, the former SISTAR member. He has said that Hyorin is his only female friend and they met when filming the drama Dream High 2.

  • Although Seo Joon says he doesn’t really have many friends, during the drama Hwarang became close to several of his teammates on set.
  • He has a successful YouTube channel where he constantly shares very diverse content.
  • He is the oldest of three brothers and also has a niece.
  • He likes sports and among the disciplines he has practiced are: fencing, horse riding and aikido.
  • After graduating from college, Park Seo Joon began his Military Service, so he soon ended it before debuting as an actor.

  • In addition to acting, modeling, and serving as an MC, Seo Joon also sings, which is why he has recorded several songs for the OST for some dramas.
  • After he starred in Itaewon Class, the cut his character used gained great popularity, which he found surprising as it requires frequent touch-ups.


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