12 Stray Kids IN curiosities that will make you love it


Learn more about the Stray Kids idol. Learn more about Stray Kids IN and discover the curiosities behind the idol.

Originally from the city of Busan, IN he was born on February 8, 2001 , so he is 19 years old, (20 in Korean age. His real name is Yang Jeong-in and he has 2 brothers, he is the middle one. 2017, he achieved his dream as an idol after being accepted by JYP in the reality show of Stray Kids.

IN stands out as a dancer and composer of the group, his talent comes from the inspiration he has for Bruno Mars. His place among his peers is that of maknae al be the youngest of all.

His shy, patient and honest personality is due to the zodiac sign he was born under, IN is an aquarius, so you will always see the idol being very tolerant of things and without prejudice about things.

If you are new to the Stray Kids fandom or want to know more about IN, we leave you a list with his data, personality and things that perhaps you did not know about him.

The curiosities of IN that you should know:

  • If he were not an idol, he would have devoted himself to education as a primary school teacher.
  • He wore braces for a while, I consider it to be his charming point, plus he loves to smile very often.
  • Before being an idol, he worked as a child model
  • Winter and pink are his favorite things.
  • If you want to conquer it with food or have fun with it, you should invite him to eat fried chicken, KFC or similar, it is his favorite.
  • His perfect vacation plan is to eat watermelon and play
  • He doesn’t like seriousness, he thinks he looks scary when he doesn’t smile.
  • His favorite music is rock and pop
  • IN is not only dedicated to the K-pop industry, the idol has studies in Applied Music
  • Although his status allows him to have money, he is very thrifty, he does not like shopping, but he is a fan of fashion and clothing
  • As a child he suffered from sleepwalking
  • Mental health is important, therefore, before sleeping IN there is always time to reflect
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