12 Reasons GOT7’s Yugyeom Will Steal Your Heart


Yugyeom is a surprising and charismatic idol, we will tell you which of his characteristics will make anyone who knows him fall in love.

GOT7 and AHGASE are celebrating, today is the birthday of the maknae of this idol group and the tokens of love for Yugyeom have not stopped appearing on and off social networks. Are you a fan of this singer? Read on and learn about some of its best qualities that you will not be able to resist.

Kim Yugyeom discovered his passion for dancing from an early age and since then he has not stopped working to show his skills in front of the public, however, GOT7 fans discovered that in addition to his talent, this boy has a very special way of being .

The way he interacts with his bandmates and fans always brings a smile to those around him, becoming a source of joy for AHGASE.

Celebrate the birthday of this idol knowing him better, we tell you some curiosities about his way of being that you will love.


  1. Yugyeom possesses great dance skills that made him the main dancer of GOT7. This talent not only makes him shine on stage, it has also allowed him to create some choreography for the group and he even won the Hit The Stage dance competition.
  2. This idol has an adorable personality and a tenderness for which he does not need to strive, his smile is full of sweetness and will undoubtedly captivate you.
  3. Another characteristic that distinguishes Yugyeom is his duality on stage, despite being a fun and pleasant boy, when it comes to performing with GOT7 he always shows his strength and a seductive side.
  4. Yugyeom’s personality makes him an innocent boy who tends to fall for the jokes of his groupmates, but even that way he looks charming and his best reactions come out, so there is no dull moment when this idol is around. close.
  5. His melodious voice is a perfect reason to love this idol. He is a prominent vocalist within the group, but has also shown his potential in solo projects such as the songs he shares through his SounCloud account.
  6. Yugyeom’s sense of fashion is unique, he usually wears accessories and garments that are part of his characteristic style, chokers, berets and wide-neck shirts are just some of the items that cannot be missing in his outfit,
  7. One of Yugyeom’s nicknames is Gigant Baby and the idol fulfills those qualities very well by becoming a boy who is easy to love. He is the tallest member of the group, but he is still the youngest, so it is easy to see his teammates have some gestures taking care of him.
  8. Yugyeom is one of the GOT7 members with the most tattoos, all of them make him look amazing, but they also have special meanings for him.
  9. The idol has great love for his fans and does not miss any opportunity to show it, in fact, in honor of his birthday he made a live broadcast to show how grateful he feels for the support of his fans and the good wishes they send him to make him feel like the most loved person in the world.
  10. His friendship with BamBam is another reason to love Yugyeom, the idols have a unique connection that they show in a fun and loving way, being an example for their followers.
  11. Yugyeom has a fanboy side, he is a great admirer of Chris Brown’s skills and when this singer followed him on Instagram he did not hesitate to share his happiness.
  12. Despite his pleasant personality, his joking nature makes him an evil maknae who over time has gained the confidence to have fun with his companions and annoy them with his antics.
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