12 Players Who Surprised Us With Their Performance


The 2019 dramas marked an important stage and we also fell in love with the participation of some Korean actors that you must keep your eye on.

Every year we enjoy amazing Korean dramas that surround us with extremely interesting and charming stories. Across the various genres, we get to know the lives of many characters, but we also discover talented actors who were key to our enjoyment of the plot.

2019 was full of dramas capable of captivating us throughout the year, accessing various learnings and exciting episodes in front of the screen.

Although this year continues to provide us with great experiences within the world of Korean dramas, we cannot fail to mention the talents that captivated us during the series a few months ago.

Here are some Korean actors who shined during the past year. Some are well known and others are making their way to follow in their footsteps, but all of them are extremely handsome and very talented.

Jang ki yong

This Korean actor participated in Search WWW during 2019, being the romantic interest of Bae Ta Mi. Although this drama is mainly focused on the lives of the three female characters, Jang Ki Young managed to shine through with his acting and make us fall in love through his character as Park Mo Gun.

Ji Soo

Ji Soo is a well-known face in K-Dramas, but during 2019 we saw him with the leading role in Because It’s My First Love, a Netflix series that ran for two seasons and showed us a new facet of his career that made us fall in love .

Kim jae wook

Kim Jae Wook acted in Her Private Life alongside Park Min Young and showed a charming role capable of captivating thousands of hearts as Ryan Gold.

Seo Kang Joon

During the crime drama Watcher played Kim Young Goon, captivating us with his look but also his talent for conveying emotions through the screen.

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Song kang

The fantasy drama When the Devil Calls Your Name was starred by Song Kang and, although he was not in a leading role, this young actor managed to shine on screen, demonstrating his great potential.

Kim myung soo

This actor is also known by his stage name L. He got the leading role in the drama Angel’s Last Mission: Love, a fantasy-romance series that caught us chapter by chapter.

Nam Joo Hyuk

Nam Joo Hyuk acted in The Light in Your Eyes during 2019, telling us a story where time gets a different meaning, did you watch this series?

Yeo Jin Goo

Surely you remember him for his performance as Goo Chang Sung in Hotel del Luna, this was one of the most popular dramas of 2019 and each of his characters managed to shine, but also, the series attracted attention to the talented You Jin Goo.

Ahn hyo seop

His role as Cha Min in the drama Abyss left us enchanted, the story was extremely interesting, but the performance of this actor was unmatched.

Sung hoon

During 2019, Sung Hoon acted in Level Up giving life to Ahn Dan Te, the director of a company and perfectionist character, this actor perfectly showed us the evolution of his character and managed to fall in love.

Jang dong yoon

Jang Dong Yoong’s starring role in The Tale of Nokdu showed us his extensive acting skills as we enjoyed a good story with Kim So Hyun as part of the cast.

Park jin young

The GOT7 vocalist has also surprised with his role as an actor and during 2019 we saw him in He is Psychometric, a mystery and fantasy series where he acted alongside Shin Ye Eun.

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