12 MONSTA X curiosities that every fan should know


Know these curiosities and data that you did not know about the guys MONSTA X .

Boys MONSTA X had to compete in the program of talents ‘ NO . MERCY ‘in order to get a place within the band , the television network Mnet and Starship joined forces to make the show successful.

The mission of ‘ NO.MERCY’ was to find the most powerful and talented trainees of the agency in order to create a new group that felt the passion for Hip-Hop on stage.

Shownu, Hyungwon Minhyuk, Kihyun, Jooheon, IM and Wonho debuted on May 14 of the year 2015 , immediately international and South Korean public were provided support and their mini album ‘ TRESPASS ‘ was positioned in the best musical charts.

If you want to know more about the members of MONSTA X, read on …

  1. Each of the MONSTA X idols would like to have the super power of teleportation so that they can meet all of their fans around the world.
  2. MONSTA X’s first official concert tickets sold out in just 5 minutes, quite an achievement for a K-pop band.
  3. The MONSTA X boys were unable to see their parents for the first few months that they promoted their debut, due to their busy schedule they shipped their first album to their loved ones.
  4. The agency that represents the band in the United States is the famous label Epic Records.
  5. Former SISTAR member Hyolyn is one of the best friends of the rappers and singers, the guys from MONSTA X and she met during the reality show ‘No Mercy.’
  6. Joohoney’s sister has a very successful channel on the YouTube platform, the rapper has appeared in his videos a few times.
  7. MONSTA X was one of the first K-pop groups to collaborate with artists from Latin America, the idols worked with Sebastián Yatra with the song ‘Magnetic’.
  8. MONSTA X leader Shownu was a trainee of the company JYP Entertainment, that’s why the singer is close to the members of GOT7.
  9. MONSTA X is the first K-pop group to be invited to special Jingle Ball concerts.
  10. The official MV for the song ‘Hero’ is the group’s first video to reach 100 million views on the YouTube platform.
  11. The lightstick of MONSTA X is called Mondungi, it is the symbol of the group binding with fans.
  12. MONSTA X is the first rookie group to take part in the KCON 2015 K-pop festival in Los Angeles.

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