12 K-pop Christmas carols to be heard this time


K-pop groups and soloists will liven up your cold days with their talented voices. Get to know the Christmas songs in Korean that cannot be missing from your Christmas playlist.

Christmas and the holidays are ideal to unite the family, in addition to enjoying delicious food and good company, it is a time full of magic, gifts, warmth and special music. Yay!

During this pleasant time, various K-pop groups and soloists release Christmas-themed songs, enlightening the hearts of the public with performances of Santa Claus, reindeer, gingerbread cookies and snow.

The vocalists and rappers of the Hallyu Wave share their most beautiful side and treat their followers around the world with ideal songs to prepare to end a year and start a new stage full of light.

Next, we will show you 12 K-pop Christmas songs that cannot be missed during one of the happiest days of the year. Let bands like: BTS, TWICE, EXO, MAMAMOO and Monsta X join you with their sweet songs.


A Typical Idol’s Christmas by BTS

This Christmas song perfectly combined the voices of the members of the band and with various powerful raps. The theme is ideal if you want to remember the beginnings of idols and celebrate December.

TWICE’s Merry & Happy

TWICE’s song will take you into a world full of magic, colors, lights, gifts, and fun. ‘Merry & Happy’ is ideal to lift your Christmas spirit.

EXO’s Miracles In December

EXO’s ‘Miracles In December’ should not be missing from your Christmas and New Years playlist if you prefer a melancholic and deep ballad. The voices of the band members will fill you with good energy.

Miracle GOT7

The GOT7 members will invite you to spend one of the most epic Christmases to the rhythm of their song ‘Miracle’, a warm track that will provide you with good memories. HO HO HO!

This Christmas Taeyeon

You will fall in love with the sweet theme of the Girls’ Generation leader, Taeyeon’s piano and voice are the perfect company during the New Year’s Eve and Christmas holidays.

Lonely Christmas by Monsta X

Monsta X’s song ‘Lonely Christmas’ talked about a lonely holiday, with mixed feelings about the holidays. What do you think of this recommendation?

LOONA’s The Carol

LOONA’s song ‘The Carol’ has different versions, the members released the track with their particular style and dreamy touch.

Memory by MAMAMOO

The talented and melodious voices of the 4 members of MAMAMOO will liven up your Christmas parties with the theme ‘Memory’, a relaxed jazz track to await the arrival of Santa Claus.

SHINee’s colorful

A hopeful and moving song is SHINee’s ‘Colorful’, the agency group SM Entertainment released a special video with previously unreleased scenes from their official MVs.

Red Velvet’s Wish Tree

Red Velvet’s ‘Wish Tree’ is one of the most emotional songs of the SM Entertainment company girl group. The sounds and theme of the melody will make you enjoy Christmas like never before.

Wish List of F (x)

In your long list of K-pop Christmas songs that will be playing this year, I could not miss ‘Wish List’ by girl group F (x). YAY!

Dear Santa from TTS

Girls’ Generation TTS’s sub-unit ‘Dear Santa’ is a classic K-pop holiday song. It also has an English version, choose the one you like the most.


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