12 curiosities to celebrate G-Dragon’s birthday


V.I.P is celebrating, BIGBANG’s G-Dragon is celebrating his 32nd birthday, (33rd in Korean age). He is also known as Kwon Ji Yong, his real name, the idol was born on August 18, 1988 in the city of Yongsan-gu, from a very young age, he pursued his dreams to be a Korean star and is one of the K-pop singers. most recognized so far.

G-Dragon was born into a family made up of his 2 parents and an older sister, his debut in the industry was from a very young age in the program “BBO BBO BBO”, but his biggest opportunity came at age 12 when he was recruited by YG to become an idol. Since then, he has led one of the most legendary groups in K-pop.

In South Korea it is already August 18, so V.I.P has shared various messages of congratulations and love for the singer, who is characterized by his security and charisma, as well as having a great sense of fashion.

His debut with BIGBANG was on August 19, 2006. If you are new to the V.I.P fandom or want to know more about the idol, we leave you a list with 12 curiosities of G-Dragon to celebrate his birthday:

His nickname is not only a combination of his real name and its pronunciation, it is a great coincidence that he was born in the year of the Dragon thanks to his Chinese horoscope, in addition, he has a tattoo of the 8-star Dragon Ball sphere.

  • In the past he was known as “Iguana Idol”, as he had a tendency to change the color of his hair very frequently.
  • His favorite colors are yellow and white.
  • At first, before debuting with BIGBANG, YG intended to create a duo with Taeyang, but soon after they met the rest of the group members.
  • From his first year as an idol, he was a promise of success, as he won the Best Songwriter award from the Mnet Music Festival
  • He has a great inclination for fashion, in addition to going to catwalks of recognized brands, in Korea they created exclusive areas in stores called “G-Dragon Style”
  • He is very organized with his clothes and shoes, something that is complemented by his fashionista attitude.
  • He is considered one of the first producers in K-pop, as he is a great composer within his group
  • His first girlfriend was a girl older than him, he even had his first kiss with her, although his love history has also had some rejections after he proposed
  • He was a prodigy of music from his childhood, at the age of 7 he was part of the Little Roora group
  • He and his teammates wanted to get away for a few days, they even made a plan not to be tracked, but YG discovered them and gave them a vacation
  • You think one of your strengths is your collarbones
  • His success is not only with BIGBANG, G-Dragon debuted as a soloist with the album “Heartbreaker”, highlighting his talent as a songwriter, in addition, the idol imposed some concepts and broke the standards of K-pop.
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