12 Curiosities Of Han From Stray Kids To Know Him Better


Learn more about the Stray Kids idol. Learn more about Han Jisung from Stray Kids and discover these facts that will surprise you.Han Jisung was born on September 14, 2000, is 19 years old, but will soon be 20, (21 in Korean age). He is originally from South Korea and has an older brother.

His opportunity to fulfill his dream as an idol came when he was selected in the Stray Kids survival program.

Han works as a dancer and singer for the group, his talent as a rapper also allowed him to be part of the 3RACHA subunit, in addition, he has proven to be a good composer, having helped several Stray Kids lyrics.
If you are new to fandom or want to know more about Han, we leave you a list with 12 Han curiosities that you should know:

He lived and studied for a period of time in Malaysia, his parents promised him that if he succeeded, he would not have to return abroad.
His musical studies began at Def Academy
His time as a trainee was 3 years at JYP, managing to debut alongside his peers.
His sweet spot is making you laugh by acting cute and distracted.
He has a talent for drawing
Loves chocolate and cheese cakes, can eat one while watching movies
His favorite season is winter and he loves the color red
The eyes are the door to the soul, so Han loves his irises and says he trusts them, in addition to having a special shine
If I wasn’t an idol, I would be a music producer
He loves music because he believes that stories can be told through it
Admire Zico, a former Block B member and renowned producer and soloist
His nickname is Squirrell and he speaks English very well.


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