12 Curiosities of Bang Chan from Stray Kids that will conquer you


12 Curiosities of Bang Chan from Stray Kids that will conquer you. Learn more about the leader of the group and fall in love with his charms. Meet Bang Chan from Stray Kids.

Despite spending many years as a trainee, the idol managed to fulfill his dream as a K-pop star. He is the leader of Stray Kids, he cooks and cares for them a lot. He is also part of the group’s rap subunit.

What is he like, what does he like and how did he start his career? If you are new to K-pop or start to become more interested in Stray Kids, we leave you a list with 12 curiosities of Bang Chan.

On his history, the idol was born in Australia, at just 22 years old he leads his peers, he has 2 brothers and he moved to Australia with only 1 year of life. It was there that he auditioned for JYP, managing to pass and become an agency trainee since 2010. He has written songs for 3RACHA, the rap subunit, his hobbies are sports, otherwise he would have been an athlete.

  1. He belongs to the A Line, since he is not Korean, but was born in Australia like Felix, he managed to fulfill his dreams as an idol.
  2. His training period lasted 7 years, although it was very long, he managed to demonstrate the great talent he has to debut in the industry.
  3. He could have been a member of GOT7, but JYP let him train for a longer time, place that BamBam occupied.
  4. As a leader, it is said that he was in charge of choosing his companions so that together they could fulfill their dreams as K-Pop stars.
  5. He learned dance and ballet during his student days, so his dancing ability is great.
  6. Although he usually wears stylized hair, his hair is actually curly, so when he’s off Stray Kids’ agenda, you can see him wearing bandanas and with his hair natural.
  7. Only You, was an MV where he had his first appearance as a K-pop actor, he also did it in Like OHH-AHH of his colleagues from TWICE personified as a zombie.
  8. It is one of his favorite physical characteristics.
  9. He speak English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and basic greek
  10. He is said to have created the logo that characterizes Stray Kids.
  11. He loves this time of year very much and prefers sunny days.
  12. You can conquer it with any dish, because it does not say no to anything, it does not have a favorite food.
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