12 curiosities about TWICE’s surprising momo


Momo’s talent is capable of surprising all ONCES, but this girl has many qualities and curiosities beyond the stage.

Hirai Momo is one of the foreign members that make up TWICE’s lineup, over time we got to know a little about each of the idols, but if you want to be a fan of these girls you should know more about the path they traveled to become stars, as well as their most outstanding characteristics.

Momo was born on November 9, 1996 in Kyoto, Japan. She is from the Scorpio sign so she tends to be a passionate, committed and emotional person. This idol is a key part of TWICE and has shown it since before her debut.

She has a calm character that is balanced by her pleasant personality and her sense of humor, but if you want to know her better, here are some curiosities about her.


  • Like other TWICE girls, Momo appeared in various music videos for JYP Entertainment artists like Miss A, Junho, and GOT7.
  • The first time she took dance classes, she was only 3 years old.
  • Her dream of being a singer also started at an early age, so she and her sister moved to Osaka to enter a dance academy where she trained to improve her skills.
  • She really enjoys eating and in fact the TWICE members chose her as the member with the best appetite.
  • Momo and Sana had already known each other before entering JYP Entertainment as they both attended the same dance school.
  • Momo was part of the SIXTEEN program, but unlike her groupmates, she was eliminated. Fortunately, the show’s staff decided that her skills were necessary within the final lineup.
  • He really likes stuffed animals so he sleeps with some of them.
  • Her talent in dancing allowed her to become TWICE’s lead dancer, but also to collaborate on some choreography for the group.
  • Her facial expressions have managed to win over many fans, as they show her charm on stage and also her funny personality.
  • When she was a trainee she was known to train for long hours, even if others left she could continue until dawn.
  • Momo showed their managers some TWICE choreography and although they showed it in front of fans on a live broadcast, they also performed their dance moves on television again.
  • Momo has a very tender way of sneezing so her classmates sometimes have fun teasing her about it.
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