12 Curiosities About TWICE’s Mina That Make Her Unique


Learn about some curiosities about Mina that will make you love this idol, we will tell you a little about her life and the story that made her a K-Pop star.

TWICE is one of the most popular girl groups in South Korea, the girls conquered fans from all over the world and showed their potential together and individually. Keep reading and find out some information about Mina that will surprise you.

This Japanese idol was born in Texas, United States and moved to Japan when she was still very young, her Japanese name is Myoui Mina but what else do you need to know to become a fan of the TWICE vocalist?

She was born on March 24, 1997 and like a good Aries, Mina is an independent girl who is guided by her goals and objectives, has created a very close connection with her groupmates and conquered the ONCES with her way of being.

Here are some curiosities that you should know about this girl that will show you her commitment as a singer and her connection with the fans.


  1. When she was 8 years old she began taking ballet classes, thanks to the confidence she gained in this dance over years of training, she was able to show her technique as part of her talents on the SIXTEEN program. Mina also took modern music classes.
  2. After joining JYP Entertainment, Mina only had to train for 1 year before debuting as a member of TWICE, being the member with the shortest time as a trainee of the company.
  3. She is a great Harry Potter, especially Hermione, but she also revealed that she prefers thrillers to romance.
  4. Some of her hobbies are shopping or shopping online, looking for restaurants she would like to visit, and watching anime.
  5. She likes Ariana Grande’s music, and some of the singer’s melodies are her favorites to sing at karaoke.
  6. Being born in America, Mina also received a Western name, this being Sharon Myoui.
  7. She was a fan of K-Pop before entering the industry, was part of fan clubs, and attended various concerts in Japan, but her favorite groups included CNBLUE, BIGBANG, and 2PM.
  8. Her audition for JYP Entertainment happened unexpectedly, she and her mom were shopping at the site where the event would be held, so someone from the staff invited her to join in and audition.
  9. Her favorite animal is the penguin, so she usually receives many gifts with this figure from her fans.
  10. Mina revealed that her ideal type of man would be someone with a kind personality and a very funny sense of humor.
  11. When TWICE came to the ISACs, Mina showed off her skills for rhythmic gymnastics, winning the competition and stealing the looks of all the onlookers.
  12. She has a quiet personality when in public, but she has a great sense of humor that she displays alongside her groupmates.
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