$ 117,000 electric motorcycle returns from the ashes


The Arc Vector electric motorcycle, presented as a concept in 2018, can finally start production. Last Thursday (1st), project designer Mark Truman announced that he has recovered the company’s management and that he is ready to “resurrect” the model directly from the ashes.

Arc Vector should cost US $ 117 thousand, equivalent to R $ 657 thousand, based on the daily rate.

One of the attractions at the Milan Motor Show two years ago, it stalled in 2019, after Arc Vehicle declared bankruptcy, even raising $ 1.1 million for the initial investment via crowdfunding.

Interested in giving Arc Vector a new chance, Truman resumed project management. “I decided to buy the assets myself, four months ago. The project went too far and was very well received for me not to continue with it. The global support we received from people was surprising and really left me with no other option ”, commented the company’s founder.

The company’s original plans included the production of 399 electric motorcycle units. But Truman wants to slow down. “Without the pressure of a large company, we are taking things a little more slowly now. The first bicycles will be delivered to your customers in 12 months ”, he revealed.

Futuristic design and fast loading

The futuristic design is one of the highlights of the Arc Vehicle bike, featuring a carbon fiber finish and a “man-machine interface”, which includes a jacket with driver alerts and a Heads-up Display helmet – the technology enables see information without taking your eyes off the track.

It is equipped with a 95 kW engine and reaches a top speed of 200 km / h, taking 3.2 seconds to reach 100 km / h. The 16.8 kWh battery provides up to 436 km of autonomy and can be fully recharged in just 45 minutes, according to the manufacturer.

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