117 new emoji are coming in 2020!


Since our communication has moved to smartphones and messaging apps, we’ve been contacting some assistants to express our feelings. With many emoji on our keyboard, we can sometimes convey our thoughts to the other side, even without writing any words. Now, Emojipedia gave the good news. 117 new emoji will arrive in 2020.

What’s in the 117 new emoji?
Emojipedia has released the expected list for 117 new emoji. All emojis will be available to users throughout the year. Among the new emojis, Mrs. Claus, along with Santa Claus, took his place. Also, as you know, last year we came across gender emojis. It was announced that these emojis will also multiply. These emojis will be available to all platforms in the second half of 2020 as part of the 13.0 release.


When we look at the new emojis, we see that emojis such as ninja, crying face, polar bear, stuffed peppers, ladder, squirrel are included. Also, an Italian hand gesture has been added to the emoji list.

All these emojis will be added to major platforms like iOS, Android, WhatsApp and Twitter throughout the year.

To find out which emojis are coming this year, you can click here and browse through the list.


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