117-124. George and Leonard combine for 88 points for the Clippers


Paul George scored 46 points and Kawhi Leonard added 42 points for the Los Angeles Clippers, who beat the Minnesota Timberwolves 117-124.

The Clippers got their fourth consecutive victory.

George played 39 minutes, and scored 17 of 31 field shots, including 6 of 15 triples, 6 of 7 from the personnel line, achieved five rebounds and delivered two assists.

Leonard got double-double by adding 11 rebounds in 37 minutes, scoring 10 of 24 field shots, including 3 of 3 triples, and 19 of 19 from the personnel line, and delivered two passes for scoring.

It was the highest combined score of the season for the new star pair of the Clippers.

The previous record of Leonard and George got it on December 1, with 65 points against the Washington Wizards.

Both became the first group of teammates in the history of the Clippers in which each achieves at least 40 points and recorded the twenty-first time in the history of the NBA that has happened.

Reserve Motrezl Harrell scored 18 for the Los Angeles team.

For the Timberwolves, Dominican Karl Anthony Towns led the attack with 39 points and 12 rebounds

Towns played 35 minutes, and made 12 of 22 field shots, including 5 of 10 triples, 10 of 13 from the personnel line, and delivered three assists.

Andrew Wiggins added 34 points and the Puerto Rican reserve Shabazz Napier had no production in 14 minutes, achieved 1 rebound and gave three assists.

Minnesota lost its seventh consecutive game.


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