$ 113 million penalty for Apple that slows down iPhones


Apple’s batterygate application came up with a new penalty years later. With the conclusion of the investigations in the USA, Apple was fined a new $ 113 million. In addition, Apple has made a legal commitment to be more transparent from now on.

There is no one who does not know about the slowdown process of the US-based technology giant Apple on old devices. This situation, which is already accepted by the company, is the deliberate slowdown of an aging device in order to function properly. In the US, this is called “batterygate”. Recent reports show that Apple has agreed to pay $ 113 million for this issue under investigation.

Apple’s batterygate application came to the fore in 2017 for the first time. With the outbreak of the incident, Apple came under heavy criticism from consumers around the world. Authorities in the US states of Arizona, Arkansas and Indiana have launched an investigation into the incident. In the investigations that resulted as of yesterday, Apple was found to be unfair on the batterygate issue. In addition to the judicial fine, the company has made a legal commitment to be more transparent to consumers.

Although Apple now provides detailed information on the battery life of iPhones, it could not escape the penalty

In the statements made by the Attorney General of Arizona, Mark Brnovich, it was mentioned that companies working on technological products should tell all the facts about the products. Saying that the investigations were not only directed at Apple, the attorney general promised to impose similar sanctions against a different technology company.

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Apple took a radical take in 2018 and ushered in a new era for users. The company provided detailed information about battery life with the iOS update. However, these studies could not get Apple to escape punishment. Because the batterygate issue, which became a crisis at that time, made headlines across the USA. As a result of the investigation, Apple was fined $ 113 million.

Meanwhile, Apple has not only faced a $ 113 million penalty for this issue. The company was sentenced to $ 500 million in March in another investigation over the same issue. Similarly, the authorities in France asked Apple to pay $ 25 million. Here, the last of these penalties was 113 million dollars.

According to the investigation, Apple will be more transparent on iPhones from now on, but it is not known how this will happen. After all, users can view their battery status since 2018. After that, time will show what kind of application will be done.


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