11 years of AliExpress with discounts and benefits


Shopping on international websites is a reality increasingly present in the lives of Brazilians who understand the real advantages of buying imported products over the internet. There are many facilities, and one of them is practicality. However, it is important to learn some “tricks” when venturing into this almost infinite online universe.

There are some rules and tips that help us a lot when we buy on international sites that deliver in Brazil, for example knowing where to buy, how to pay, what is the type of shipping and how much it costs, what are the fees and taxes, what is the reliability and security of the website. All of this, and much more, must be observed before and at the time of making your purchases.

Renowned sites, such as AliExpress (which celebrates 11 years of activity in e-commerce in 2021), guarantee a great shopping experience. Nothing worse than paying for an imported product and not being sure that you will receive exactly what was expected. With AliExpress, one of the best international shopping sites with free shipping, you are guaranteed that what you see on the screen will be exactly what will arrive at your home. In addition, there are the benefits of the AliExpress coupon to buy at a discount.

Tips for buying safely on international sites
In the same way that we look for stores with credibility and that make a good impression for us to make our physical purchases, in the virtual world it is no different. It is precisely in e-commerce that we must be even more attentive to malicious sellers and cyber fraud.

Therefore, it is extremely important to pay attention to details when shopping online, especially when we are talking about those made on international websites. To buy safely on international sites it is important to check, for example, the origin of the store in question, what other people say on the internet about it, how this site operates in Brazil, what are the fees and taxes charged and how does the delivery system.

The most important tip for buying safely internationally is perhaps to look for reports of experiences lived by other consumers. Some interesting actions to do are: go to websites that specialize in evaluating online stores to check what is being said about these places and find out how are both their social networks and their communication channels.

The biggest shopping event of the 1st semester with discounts on AliExpress

In celebration of its 11 years, AliExpress will host a major event. There will be thousands of products with unmissable offers that will reach 70% discount on AliExpress, starting on the anniversary week of the online store – between March 29th and April 2nd. On occasion, the site will offer $ 3 coupons on purchases over $ 30.

AliExpress promotions will bring big brands, such as Huawei, Anker and, already a darling of Brazilians, Xiaomi. Brazilian consumers who choose to buy on AliExpress will only benefit from advantages such as charter flights direct from China to Brazil, a guarantee of less than 15 days for deliveries, free return to address in Brazilian lands in case of withdrawal or exchange of purchase and customer service in Portuguese, in addition to installments up to 6 times on the card.

Now, just take advantage of AliExpress discounts and bring home all those products that you have been “dating” for a long time over the internet. With security, payment terms and very special discounts, with the promo code AliExpress you cannot miss the biggest shopping event of the 1st semester, right?


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