11. General Intel Core Processors official prices leaked


Intel, the market share in the desktop processors, is in the pursuit of returning to their old days. Days Kala, official prices appeared to be the promotion of Rocket Lake-S processors. Many processors have the same price tag with the 10th generation counterparts. However, I7 and i9 processors are similar to those who wait with prices.

With the support of PCIe 4.0, Intel Rocket Lake-S Processors will be the last member of the LGA 1200 sockets.

11. General prices of Course Rocket Lake-S Processors

The low price policy implemented in the first Ryzen processors of AMD also influenced Intel processors. 10. Generation Intel Core Comet Lake Processors had lower price tags than the past. The American Manufacturer has not been to the price increase in many of the new processors according to the private news of Videocardz. Users pending middle and lower level processors will be glad to new prices. However, the same situation is not valid for those who wait for i7k and i9k processors.

When we look at the i7K and i9k processors, it is shown that prices increased according to their counterparts. i9-10900K and i9-10900kf processors were 488 and 472 dollars, respectively. In the above table, the above table seems that i9-11900k and i9-11900kf processors will be selling 539 and 513 dollars respectively.

Rocket Lake-S Processors are generally unknown to the price increase in the upper level of Intel. i7-10700K and i7-10700kf processors had been selling from $ 374 and $ 349 respectively. i7-11700K and i7-11700kf processors will be available at 399 and $ 374 respectively.

Rocket Lake-S işlemcilerin fiyatları

The price increases are only limited to i7k and i9k processors. i5 and i3 processors have the same price effects as their counterparts. At this point, many users will prefer i5-11400f and i5-11600kf processors.

Intel is unable to compete with the past especially with the upper level AMD. The amd with great superiority in the multi-core is the AMD in the single nucleus, Intel. While all this is experienced, it has reacted by users to reduce the number of kernels in Intel’s i9 series. Now the price increases at the top level may cause the 11th generation to end.

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