11 fan theories about Harry Potter that have really been confirmed (8 should be)


“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” answered many of the remaining questions about the series, as well as raised several new ones. The fact that the Deathly Hallows was the last book in the series led many fans to believe that their questions would never be answered unless J.K. Rowling bothered to write the promised encyclopedia of the series. However, the Harry Potter series did not end as planned, as Pottermore revealed new information about the setting in the online space, and “The Cursed Child” and a new series of prequel films (starting with “Fantastic Beasts”) offered fans a glimpse into the past and future. settings. J.K. Rowling also became a prominent figure on Twitter, where she answered questions from fans around the world about the Harry Potter setting.

New publications about Harry Potter have answered some questions about the original books, but there is something else that fans don’t know about the world of magic and wizards. Harry Potter fans have had time to come up with their own explanations for what actually happened during the events of this story.

Updated on June 20, 2022 by author George Chrysostom: The wizarding world continues to expand with the release of Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, enriching the canon, and with it rumors and fan theories that try to complement this complex fictional world. landscape. With so many theories to break down, and more being invented with each release, these confirmed and potential theories do explain some interesting details of the Harry Potter universe.

Confirmed Fan Theories about Harry Potter
Azkaban was a way of deterring dementors

Witches and witches caught committing crimes in the United Kingdom will be sent to Azkaban, which has been guarded by dementors for the longest time. Dementors feed on the souls of the living and sow despair with their mere presence, so they were chosen to guard Azkaban. Dementors attacked Muggles in The Order of the Phoenix, which led some fans to suggest that Azkaban may exist in order to keep dementors in one place and not let them roam the cities.

Pottermore confirmed this theory on the page about Azkaban, which stated that the real reason dementors were kept as guards of Azkaban for so long was so that they could be imprisoned as they received souls. This means that Azkaban was as much a prison for dementors as it was for prisoners.

Voldemort has created more Horcruxes than originally thought

One of the unanswered questions in the series Harry Potter, concerns the process of creating a horcrux. All that is known so far is that it requires the loss of a human life and an object containing a part of the soul that has been split, but J.K. Rowling made it clear that creating a horcrux requires more. The mystery of the method of creating horcruxes has led many fans to assume that Voldemort created more horcruxes than Dumbledore ever realized.

Pottermore finally proved that this theory was real when it was revealed that Professor Quirrell was a temporary horcrux and that Voldemort’s presence in his body was corrupting him from the inside out. It is possible that Voldemort created many similar temporary horcruxes during his exile, complementing the widely discussed theory. Harry Potter .

Lycanthropy is a metaphor for HIV

Werewolves are a real thing in the universe Harry Potter, and many witches and wizards are afraid of being bitten by one of them, so as not to turn into a wild beast with the arrival of the full moon. Many fans Harry Potter noticed parallels between lycanthropy and the treatment of HIV-infected people in the real world. Remus Lupin is denied many opportunities by his fellow wizards due to his condition, and he can’t even find a job due to persistent superstitions surrounding his illness.

J.K. Rowling confirmed the link between lycanthropy and HIV during the Lexicon Book trial, but it did not become widely known until it was mentioned in a series of e-books that collected information from Pottermore.

The baby Harry saw in Limbo was Voldemort’s fate in the Afterlife

When Harry arrives in Limbo after being struck down by Voldemort in The Deathly Hallows, he sees a mutilated baby writhing in pain. The story never explains who the child was, but some fans suspected that it was related to Voldemort, since he was also unconscious during the time period when Harry was in Limbo.

J.K. Rowling reported on her old website that the child was Voldemort, or rather, it was the last part of his wounded soul that still existed. Voldemort had damaged his soul so badly by creating all the horcruxes that a terrible fate awaited him in the afterlife.