11 Challenging Conditions Marvel Players Must Adopt


Every job has a unique challenge. Although being an actor is enjoyable, it comes across as one of the difficult professions with the responsibilities it brings. But being an actor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe seems extra challenging. We take a closer look at the tough rules that players joining the Marvel universe must follow.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is home to the most recognized and profitable movie series on the market. So much so that the total revenue of movies included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe exceeds $ 17 billion. Disney bought Marvel in 2009 for just $ 4 billion. In this case, the studio has to take some strict precautions to protect the series and the universe in every sense. One of these measures is to get players to sign agreements with extremely severe conditions.

Being involved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe comes with many responsibilities and strict rules for gamers. As such, Marvel movies have the most stringent contracts in Hollywood. Some of these rules to be followed are predictable, and the rules you can find exaggeration are also on the list.

Rules that players participating in the Marvel Cinematic Universe must agree to:

Adult-only actions and statements are completely prohibited
Even if the cameras are shut down, the role must continue
Exercise and diet plan should be followed to keep fit
Improvising on characters is forbidden
Scenarios must be preserved at all costs
Re-shots are part of the contract
Using stunts in dangerous scenes is mandatory
Participation in Marvel events is mandatory and no invitations are reversible
Collaboration with Disney-affiliated manufacturers is mandatory for Marvel toys and products
Acting in DC movies is totally forbidden
One should not be stuck with Marvel’s extensive registry research

Adult-only actions and statements are completely prohibited

Marvel’s control over its actors begins as soon as the script becomes clear. Although Fox has used a darker tone in his Deadpool movies and included R-Rated scenes that are suitable for 17 years and above, the situation is not the same for Disney. Disney wants to make superhero movies that appeal to elementary school children as well as adults.

In the simplest example, smoking characters are completely forbidden in Disney movies. For example, we cannot see the cigar, Nick Fury’s best known hobby in comics, in any movie. R-Rated-style scenes, discourses and scenarios with tobacco use and violent content are only found in Netflix productions. Marvel’s Netflix series Daredevil and The Punisher are examples of these productions.

Even with the cameras shut down, it’s imperative to continue the role:

You may remember the phrase that became a cliché in Spider-Man movies: “Great power comes with great responsibility.” As in this sentence, being a Marvel actor also comes with great responsibility both on and behind the camera.

In this context, Marvel heroes (especially those at the forefront such as Captain America and Iron Man) have to participate in behind-the-scenes charity events and work with charities. In this way, actors should bring their roles in the movies to real life and attract more attention and tolerance. Thanks to this, the number of positive approaches to films is increasing.

Exercise and diet plan should be followed to maintain fitness:

In particular, the actors who take part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe apply many exercises and diets to look like the heroes they play. In this way, players have to maintain the certain body forms they reach throughout their Marvel careers. That being the case, Marvel actors spend almost every day of the week in the gyms with their coaches, perhaps months before shooting.

It is forbidden to improvise on characters:

Often in the world of cinema, actors are allowed to stretch and improvise the character they are entering. But that’s not the way it works in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Actors in the Marvel universe have almost no say over the characters, and throughout the films, directors and screenwriters are practicing exactly what they say.

The reason for this is that there are so many heroes in the Avengers movies. In order to preserve the integrity of the story between these protagonists, improvisations are not allowed. For example, in the 2008 movie The Incredible Hulk, Edward Norton played the role of Hulk. But one of the biggest reasons we saw Mark Ruffalo in this role in the Avengers movies was that Edward Norton changed the character with improvisations.

Scenarios should be preserved at all costs:

Spoilers are bad in general, and spoiler news about movies with huge budgets like Marvel is even worse. That’s why Disney takes extreme measures to protect scripts. He can even give his players fake script details.

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According to Elizabeth Olsen, who plays the Scarlet Witch character, actors can read the scripts in special scenario rooms without windows, and they cannot get their phones in this room. In addition, each player has the right to enter the scenario room only once. The player who enters the room must read the script and leave the room at once.

The retractions are part of the contract:

Although re-shoots are common in the movie industry, Marvel takes it very seriously. For this reason, all actors must be ready at the said time for re-shooting. The actors can never change their looks and forms until after filming is completely finished.

For example, Idris Elba, who gave life to Heimdall in the Thor series, was so tired of the remake of the movie Thor: The Dark World that he even wanted to quit the movie. Elba told his manager that he could no longer bear this situation, and then learned that these re-shots were part of the signed agreement.

In dangerous scenes, it is imperative to use stunts:

Currently, many famous actors in the world of cinema are not wanted or allowed to shoot scenes of danger. But in most cases, the actor is also given the opportunity to shoot his own action scenes.

Naturally, this situation does not work that way in Marvel. Considering the continuity of the series for many years, the film crew does not even allow the actors to try dangerous scenes in order to prevent a major injury. But Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Chris Evans (Captain America) are known for pushing their luck to the full in the dangers scenes.

Participation in Marvel events is mandatory and no invitations can be refused:
Marvel organizes many events with its heroes before, after, and during the movie. Naturally, players, who are indispensable for these events, have to participate in all of these events and are included in these contracts. Press conferences are also a part of them.

In addition, these participations are not limited to events and invitations. Players who have signed with Marvel simply do not agree to be in a particular movie or series. Each actor agrees to appear in any Marvel movie, if necessary, until his contract ends.

Players must collaborate with Disney-affiliated manufacturers for their toys and products:

There is only one industry where Disney makes more money than Avengers movies: Marvel toys. Every player who enters the Marvel Cinematic Universe; agrees to cooperate with toy, clothing, movie décor and gift manufacturers. It is even stated that this situation is one of the biggest articles of the contract. According to the disclosed information, in 2011, Disney’s revenue from Marvel products and toys was $ 620 million more than the total return of all the movies released that year.

Acting in DC movies is totally forbidden:

It is considered a “crime” for an actor who signed with Marvel to even agree to star in DC movies in principle, because this is completely prohibited in the actors’ contracts. Although this may seem like a cruel rule, no studio wants a partner to earn millions of dollars from a player. So, the same rules work on the DC side of the business.

Marvel conducts extensive research before hiring actors:

Marvel is known to be a very selective studio in terms of actors. One of the main reasons for this is that the actor who will play a hero in the Marvel universe should have a clean record in real life. At least this is the case, in the opinion of the Marvel team.

For this reason, the studio is doing extensive research even before meeting with the actor. All the words of the actor, his interviews, the films he starred in and his life are examined one by one and the first meeting is held after this review.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is home to the most money-making productions in the cinema world. As such, there are very strict rules that must be followed by the players involved in this universe. What do you think about the rules that Marvel players must follow? Do you think the rules are too strict or normal? You can share your opinions with us in the comments section.


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