109 Years of Short Film, 4K Resolution with Artificial Intelligence


A short film created by the employees of a Swedish company in 1911 was reconsidered by YouTuber named Denis Shiryaev. YouTuber succeeded in turning the short film into 4K 60 fps video with the artificial intelligence work applied to the short film in question.

Artificial intelligence technologies are among the most popular initiatives of recent times. Artificial intelligence technologies, which can be used for both good and bad purposes , give life to tens of sectors again. As such, artificial intelligence technologies are closely followed by technology enthusiasts .

Now we will talk about a short film that has been renewed by benefiting from artificial intelligence technologies. This short film was originally shot in 1911 . A YouTuber named Denis Shiryaev, on the other hand, has strengthened the images taken in 1911 with artificial intelligence and reached 60 fps quality in 4K resolution.

Svenska Biografteatern, a Swedish-based company, sends its employees to New York, USA for a trip in 1911. Company employees record everything they see in New York with a camera and this short film comes out. Now a YouTuber has reworked this 1911 short film. We can say that the studies carried out have produced a really good result.

YouTuber used an artificial intelligence tool called ” Gigapixel AI ” to bring 4K resolution and 60 fps capability to images shot in 1911 . However, the film in question was not enough in this state. Because the original images were from 1911 and there were no colored images at that time. YouTuber used another artificial intelligence tool called ” DeOldify ” to color the short film in question .

The original version of the short film shot in 1911

When you watch the images above, you will notice that the fps of the image is quite low . These images, which could be considered good even for the conditions of that period, were tried only to have FHD quality when they first appeared. But at the moment, we can clearly say that this short film has a version that offers 4K resolution and 60 fps .

4K 60 fps version of the 109-year-old short film

We can say that YouTuber’s artificial intelligence work is very successful . Because about 8 minutes of video seems to have been taken and various aging processes have been applied. Minor errors can be detected, but we still have a successful job.


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