108 Megapixels and full screen experience: Smartisan


There are many users searching for notchless smartphone models. Founded 8 years ago, Smartisan aims to make a difference with its 108 Megapixel camera feature and full screen experience.

We do not have much information about the new smartphone of this Chinese company, which produces an operating system called Smartisan OS. Thanks to an image published by Smartisan, we can see that this product has a white frame.

Notchless phone and 108 Megapixel camera: Smartisan

The edges of this phone, whose name is not yet known, is home to a very thin structure. This device will most likely serve users with a perforated or pop-up camera.

According to an information received, the full resolution of the photos taken by this smartphone will be 5792 x 4344 pixels. This value corresponds to about 25 Megapixels. 4 detectors will be used to adjust the pixel level of a recorded image.

Çentiksiz telefon

We have to wait until October to learn more about Smartisan’s new smartphone. Because the strategy determined by the Chinese company for this product is in this direction. China’s dominance in the smartphone market is gradually increasing.

How successful do you think this model can be? What can gear competitors like Xiaomi and Huawei do against this brand? What do you think about smart phone models without notch? We welcome your comments, evaluations and predictions.


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