106-Year-Old Man Becomes Oldest Person to Eat a Coronavirus


A 106-year-old patient who was treated at Furkani Hospital in Kum, Iran, beat the coronavirus after 14 days of treatment. The man who was discharged after the treatment was described as the oldest person to have eaten the coronavirus.

The coronavirus epidemic that occurred in Wuhan city of China towards the end of 2019 continues to be effective all over the world. The virus, known to be particularly harmful to older people, as a host, causes many people at this point to die.

While this is the case, the curfew is applied to citizens aged 65 and over in our country, and the possible contact of these citizens with the virus is minimized. While this age group is largely at risk, there are no promising news either.

The 106-year-old man is thought to be the oldest person to beat the coronavirus:
The news from Kum, one of the cities most affected by the coronavirus outbreak in Iran, reported that a 106-year-old man recovered from coronavirus was cured. The 106-year-old patient, who regained his health after 14 days of treatment, became the oldest person to have eaten the coronavirus.

In the statement made from the social media account of Kum University of Health Sciences, 106-year-old patient was discharged after 14 days of treatment. Although the explanation does not contain any information about the treatment process, the recovery of the health of a 106-year-old patient was described as promising.

The elderly can also defeat the virus:
Iran has repeatedly shown that patients aged 80 years and over, who are the biggest risk group in the coronavirus outbreak, can also overcome the virus. At this point, it was recently announced that a 103-year-old woman living in Simnan province, a 91-year-old patient living in Bem city and another 90-year-old woman living in Kum city managed to defeat the coronavirus.

According to the most recent data announced in Iran, 134 more people died due to coronavirus. However, the total number of deaths across the country has reached 3,452, while the number of people reported to be infected with the virus has reached 55,743. In addition, there are 19,736 people across the country who have recovered from the disease so far.