A 101-year-old man managed to beat the coronavirus


A 101-year-old man living in the city of Rimini in Italy managed to defeat the coronavirus. The man who managed to overcome disasters such as the Spanish flu pandemic and the Second World War also defeated the coronavirus and made history.

The coronavirus is said to threaten the elderly, in particular. However, the news shows that the elderly can also get rid of the coronavirus. A 101-year-old Italian, named Mr. P, recovered after catching coronavirus.

Mr. P was born in 1919, when Spanish flu influenced Italy. The man who survived the Spanish flu epidemic, which caused 600,000 deaths in Italy, suffered from the Second World War.

Mr. P, who was 101 years old by getting out of the big disasters, was taken to the Infirmi Hospital in Rimini last week with the suspicion of coronavirus. The old man was treated after the coronavirus test was positive. The man, who has been under treatment since last week, beat the coronavirus on Wednesday and was discharged from the hospital.

News continues to come from all over the world that older people like Mr. P have recovered from the coronavirus. In these crisis days, when scientists insist that the elderly constitute the highest risk group, such news is uplifting.


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