101 Places to Party before You Die: New Trailer and Key Art [EXCLUSIVE]


Screen Rant is pleased to present the new trailer for the upcoming truTV series “101 Places to Party before Death”. A fun new buddy show inspired by the bestseller 101 Places to Screw Up Before You Die tells the story of Adam Pally (from the endings of Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and Happy Endings) and his longtime buddy John Gabrus. (from the movie “Game Over, dude!” and several comedy podcasts) as they embark on an epic summer adventure.

Starting on Thursday, July 14, comedians and casual travel organizers will once again prove their chemistry and camaraderie by making one family-authorized three-day weekend escape in each episode of 101 places to party before death. Each time, Palli and Gabrus travel to different locations across the United States and experience everything that their chosen destinations have to offer. To celebrate the authenticity of each place, the dynamic duo will share their improvised experiences with the audience, exploring unique food, drinks and party venues.

In the new exclusive trailer, “comedians and best friends who love to travel” present the funny concept of “101 places to party before death” by wearing an original panama hat and becoming a different person. Palli and Gabrus describe the need to live hard and fast every weekend before returning home to the family, although they say that the family does not normally communicate on FaceTime daily.

Viewers get a brief overview of all the new activities the comedians will try and the activities they will return to in ten years, proving that surprises can still be in store after 15 years of friendship and adventure. Some of the exciting places Palli and Gabrus are going to explore in 101 pre-death party locations include: Maui, Moab, Miami, Puerto Rico, Portland, Richmond, Atlanta and Denver.

Screen Rant can also exclusively present the key arts of the series:

The best adventurers can also be seen as invited guests in the second season of Fast Foodies on truTV, where they laughed while cooking pies with famous Top Chef winners Kristen Kish and Jeremy Ford, as well as Iron Chef winner Justin Sutherland. There is no doubt that Adam Palli and John Gabrus make the perfect couple. Staying on truTV can only strengthen their wonderful friendship, and “101 places to have fun before you die” will surely bring joy to viewers who watch them having a good time.

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