1000-pound sisters star Tammy Slayton in the former rating


The 1,000-pound star of the TV series “Sisters” Tammy Slayton was unlucky in love, and it’s time to evaluate her exes. Whenever she thinks she has found a safe and happy relationship, it leads to a broken heart. Unfortunately, none of her exes treated her well, and it affected her mentally and emotionally.

The 35-year-old celebrity “Sisters weighing 1,000 pounds” was struggling to lose weight. Her food addiction prevented her from making progress, and the romantic hardships she went through made the situation worse. Instead of making her health her top priority, she focused more on her personal life.

Tammy’s sister, Amy Slayton, is married and expecting her second child. Some fans think that many of Tammy’s anger issues are related to jealousy of Amy, since she has what Tammy wants, namely a loving and successful relationship. Although Tammy’s first instinct is to lash out when she feels hurt and disappointed, she is sensitive and takes her failed relationship to heart. Tammy’s boyfriends have received a significant shadow from fans of the popular reality show. Now it’s time to take a look at Tammy’s latest failed relationship.

#3: Joshua Douglas

Back in December 2021, Tammy surprised everyone when she posted a photo of herself snuggled up with a handsome mysterious man, whom she eventually identified as Joshua Douglas. In the photo, which was later deleted, he kissed her on the cheek and she called him “my man.” It’s unclear how serious their relationship was because it didn’t last long. Fans were concerned that he was using Tammy only for influence. He has received a lot of criticism online from fans questioning his motives and intentions with the reality TV star. It turns out that he couldn’t stand the pressure, and Joshua reacted to the negative attention by responding: “I’m going to make my account private. I don’t want all this hate and anger on my page. It’s childish.” After that, their relationship quietly came to naught, and they no longer published posts about each other.

#2 Philip Redmond (King of the Fatties)

Tammy’s relationship with Philip Redmond was problematic from the start, as he admittedly preferred to date larger women. His nickname is “The King of Fatties”, where BBW means “Big Beautiful Women”. He made it clear to Tammy that he didn’t want to date someone who weighed less than 350 pounds, and he felt that the more the better. This immediately became a problem for Tammy’s family, as they knew that Philip would have a negative impact on Tammy in connection with her attempt to lose weight. He could derail any progress she made. His encouragement to support Tammy at her heaviest literally put her life on the line, and it was clear that he didn’t really care about her as a person other than her size.

#1: Jerry Sykes

Of all her ex-boyfriends, Jerry Sykes was undoubtedly the worst of them. Their relationship was a long-distance affair with rare dates. When Jerry was around, he indulged Tammy’s addictions, not caring about her health, and ignored her family’s requests to stop. It was clear that Jerry wasn’t thinking about Tammy’s interests, and, even worse, he turned out to be disloyal. While Tammy was dreaming of a future with Jerry, it turned out that the 1,000-pound Sisters star was already married and had seven children with his wife Kia.

Unfortunately, Tammy’s drama-filled relationship was doomed to fail from the start. For her, every new grief leads to weight gain. She is very dependent on others, which means that she is crushed when her novels don’t add up. When a relationship ends, she may feel lost and abandoned. Fans of the 1000-lb Sisters hope that Tammy will begin to make more efforts to achieve her weight loss goals without being distracted by her personal life.