1000-pound sisters: Amy celebrates 2 weeks since Glenn’s birthday with new photos


Fans of the 1,000-pound sisters know that all Amy Slayton Holterman ever wanted was to be a mom, and she’s happy to show off new baby photos two weeks after giving birth. The TLC star is now a mother of two and will be busy soon. But viewers can tell she loves every minute of it.

Fans remember that shortly after gastric bypass surgery in November 2020, Amy gave birth to her and Michael’s first son, Gage. Despite the fact that doctors warned her that pregnancy was at high risk and that she should wait, Amy decided that being a mother was more important than following doctors’ prescriptions. Due to her pregnancy, Amy suspended her weight loss journey to focus on becoming a mother for the first time. TLC viewers watched as she made sure to clean up her mess in the house and even organize the household so that Gage could thrive. Soon after, Amy announced that she was pregnant again, noting that she would have two under 2 years.

Recently, viewers of the 1000-Lb Sisters learned that Amy and Michael Holterman had a second son, Glenn Allen Holterman. On July 8, the couple welcomed their second child in their life, noting that Gage Deon Holterman was thrilled with the role of big brother. Now Amy shared new photos of baby Glenn on social media to mark two weeks since his birth. Followers could see that Glenn was fast asleep and snuggled in his car seat. Amy said that her baby is now two weeks old, noting that time flies by when you “realize your dreams.”

Amy shared that older brother Gage likes to check on his younger brother when he sleeps, and often watches him closely. In the second photo, Amy was swaddling her newborn when he took a nap on her chest, and she kissed him on the head. In the last picture, Glenn was sleeping happily in dreamland again. Fans of the 1,000-pound sisters were thrilled to catch a glimpse of the newest addition to the Slayton clan, and hope that Amy won’t be too upset.

Having two boys under the age of 2 will be a difficult feat for the “1,000-pound sisters” star, but fans believe in Amy. The mother-of-two has yet to confirm whether she will return to the show, as she recently noted that she doesn’t want to miss time with her children. Tammy Slayton hinted that the TLC cameras have already started working, and there will be a season with or without Amy.