$ 1000 and PS5 Gift to PS5 Players for 50 Hours

An Australia-based technology site has posted a special job advertisement for gamers. In this advertisement, it is stated that someone who will play PlayStation 5 continuously for 50 hours is being sought. PlayStation 5 will be given as a gift to the players accepted within the scope of the advertisement. In addition, $ 1,000 will be paid.

“WhistleOut”, one of the popular technology sites in Australia, has opened a job advertisement for gamers to line up. As part of this job posting, the website is looking for employees to play the recently released PlayStation 5 and share their experiences. Moreover, 1,000 dollarsĀ  will be paid to gamers for this job.

Among the application conditions for the job posting, there is no clause such as owning a PlayStation 5. So a gamer won’t consider whether he has a PlayStation 5 when applying for this job posting. WhistleOut states that the player to be recruited will be given a PlayStation 5 with disc, no fee will be charged. Thus, the hired player will have a PlayStation 5 as well as $ 1,000.

Even though the offer looks sweet, there is a serious challenge

WhistleOut asks players to use PlayStation 5 for 50 hours without interruption for $ 1,000. The recruited person will, on the one hand, play the PlayStation 5, on the other hand, make statements that will answer the questions that have been mentioned before and express his personal thoughts. These questions include things like the differences between older consoles and PlayStation 5, and the overall performance of the console. In addition, live broadcasting will be available on WhistleOut’s YouTube channel if desired.

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