100 million sales target per year from realme


Leaving Oppo 2 years ago, realme continues to appear both in our country and in other countries with its smart phone models. As it is known, the box opening of realme 7 and realme X7 Pro models was leaked recently.

The Chinese company, which stands out with its mid-segment phone models, operates in 61 countries and continues its prestige-based studies to continue to grow. Li Bingzhong, realme’s number one name, trusts himself and his team.

realme smartphone models will appear in more places

Li Bingzhong stated that realme is the fastest growing smartphone brand in the last four quarters, through Weibo, which is described as China’s social media platform. In addition, it is known that the Chinese representative, who is only 2 years old, ranked seventh worldwide in terms of market share in the last quarter of this year.

Let’s say this ranking applies to the smartphone market. Experienced business people claimed that his own company exceeded expectations and proved himself. Stating that he wants to focus on AIoT technology, Bingzhong wants to combine artificial intelligence and objects.

The manager, who worked as a senior executive at Oppo, said he was very interested in the technology called “Internet of Things”. Li Bingzhong is also extremely confident in his own company TWS earbuds.

Bingzhong announced that it wants to sell at least 100 million smartphones each year. Aiming to be a regional leader in this sector, realme is in a hurry to catch up with its competitors.

realme especially wants to be remembered with the title of regional leader in 8 positions. These locations include South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Latin America, China and Russia.

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The technology company, which has been on the agenda with the X7 Pro model, is developing the 5G technology it uses in its phones more and more every day. It is also among the information learned that he received help from China on this issue.

We will meet with realme’s X7 family on September 1, 2020. We will see what the East Asian representative, who wants to be remembered by the users as “lifestyle”, will do. Finally, we witnessed realme taking important steps for smart televisions and smart watches before.


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