100% increase in the last 24 hours! This altcoin continues to challenge the market


There has been a huge growth in the cryptocurrency market. The leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin has grown from the level of $ 42,000 to more than $48,000. However, the growth of this altcoin has eclipsed the entire cryptocurrency market.

The popular altcoin STEPN (GMT) has been leading the market in both weekly and daily growth in recent days. Here are the latest on STEPN (GMT).

STEPN (GMT) to 100%

The leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin and altcoins have made good progress in recent days. However, STEPN (GMT), one of the most popular cryptocurrencies of the last period, managed to overshadow the growth of bitcoin and altcoins.

So much so that, although the popular altcoin was trading at $ 1.03 the other day, today it has risen to $2.22. This increase in GMT price coincides with an increase in value of more than 100%.

On the other hand, GMT stands before investors as the second cryptocurrency with the highest growth in the cryptocurrency market over the past week. Looking at the STEPN chart, altcoin traded for less than $1 at the beginning of last week, increasing by 189% in 7 days, which made it the most profitable cryptocurrency for investors.

According to CoinMarketCap, at the time of writing, STEPN (GMT) continues to trade at $2.18, which is 106% more over the past 24 hours.

What is STEP (GMT)?

STEPN is the first NFT mobile game based on Solana in which players can walk and run outside in NFT sneakers to earn tokens. STEPN aims to attract millions of people to the world of Web 3.0 by making a positive contribution to carbon neutrality and inspiring them to lead a healthier lifestyle.

To launch the Pass-to-earn application, users need to deposit their own SOL token from Solana into the STEPN built-in wallet, purchase NFT sneakers on the trading platform inside the application and wait 24 hours to replenish the “energy”.