100 Billion Dollar Bitcoin Has Not Moved for 1 Year


The number of Bitcoins that did not move in Bitcoin wallets and where no transactions were made exceeded 12 million, making it about $ 100 billion compared to the current market value of the leading crypto currency.

Despite the decline in Bitcoin, which went above $ 13,000 in the middle of last year but then went down to $ 6400, it is remarkable that whale accounts did not divest the leading crypto currency.

A Beautiful Indicator
Analysts say this increase is a very positive indicator for Bitcoin in the long run.

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In the short term, Bitcoin price will move according to the trend in futures. At this point, platforms such as BitMEX and Binance Futures play a major role.

On the other hand, the fact that more than half of Bitcoin’s total circulation has not been moving for more than a year shows us that investors continue to see the leading crypto currency as a long-term investment instrument despite the downturn and the difficult process.

The leading crypto currency, Bitcoin, is currently trading on the $ 7900 band, with an increase of approximately 4.5 percent.


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