10 Years Without Steve Jobs: Reminisce On Landmark Achievements Of Former Apple CEO


Steve Jobs‘ death is completing 10 years. On October 5, 2011, Apple’s iconic co-founder passed away from pancreatic cancer, which he had been fighting since 2004. Jobs is remembered for being an icon in the technology field and for providing, in addition to electronic devices, better experiences for customers. brand users.

The beginning of Apple

In April 1976, after returning from a trip to India, he founded Apple in partnership with Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne and “Mike” Markkula Jr. The brand’s first computer was the Apple I, but responsible for the company’s first success was the Apple II, which differentiated itself by having a screen with great quality and a keyboard much better compared to competitors. Ten years later, it announced the Macintosh, the first successful graphical user interface computer.

Apple’s first computers were responsible for the popularity of personal PCs, since before that, the devices were only common in businesses and cost at least $10,000.

First Apple Store

In 2001, Apple opened the brand’s first official stores in Glendale, Calif., and the town of Tysons Corner, Virginia. The idea of ​​opening a store that would exclusively sell branded products was Steve Jobs’s idea and changed the format of physical retail known until then. According to the then Apple CEO, the goal was to offer not just products, but good shopping experiences to consumers.


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