10 Xbox Game Pass games to debut your Xbox Series X


The Xbox Game Pass catalog offers dozens of games to start enjoying right now on the new Microsoft consoles, Xbox Series X and S.

The new generation of Microsoft is already among us, and the total backward compatibility of the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series S with previous generations of the North American company makes the number of games to be enjoyed in its early days already immense. In addition, thanks to Xbox Game Pass, a service that has earned the qualification of essential for every owner of an Xbox console, we can play a good handful of great recent games, among which we recommend up to 10, many of them with improvements for the new consoles.

Gears 5

After a fourth installment that had a lukewarm reception, The Coalition was finally able to implant its personal stamp in this fifth iteration starring Kate, venturing into a more open environment than we are used to. Without abandoning the direct action that has made it famous, Gears 5 places greater emphasis on exploration, also offering shootouts with a greater strategic contribution thanks to Jack, the droid that accompanies us on the adventure. With more content to arrive between now and the end of the year, we talk about one of the games that has improved the most thanks to the new Xbox Series X hardware.

DOOM Eternal

Neither ID Software nor the DOOM brand fool anyone, and when we get to the controls of this license we already know what awaits us: the most frenetic and visceral first-person action that we can find in the industry. In fact, the (rare) moments when we are not shooting are the weakest minutes of a long-lasting, replayable and more varied campaign than that of the 2016 installment. With a bomb-proof gunplay and a lot of freedom for the player at the time Facing the shootings, DOOM Eternal hit the Game Pass catalog to celebrate Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda.

Forza Horizon 4

With the third (and also fantastic) third installment already lost forever digitally, at least we have Forza Horizon 4 left to freely roam the British lands and enjoy one of the best (maybe the best?) Driving arcades. of the already past generation of Microsoft. In fact, for the prestigious program focused on the Top Gear motor, also of British origin, it is the best driving game of the last ten years, and from this house we do not believe that this choice can be disputed much … Fun and with a lot content, what is certain is that we are talking about an essential.

Destiny 2

The arrival of the great Beyond the Light expansion has breathed new life into Destiny 2, to the point of recently achieving its second best all-time record on Steam. The Bungie game is present in Game Pass in addition to all its expansions: The Forsaken, Bastion of Shadows, and of course, Beyond the Light, the studio that created Halo already knew how to implement more content to the base game than in the first installment, one of his pending subjects, but if we add to that everything that comes with these new additions, we find an immeasurable well of hours with the know-how in the usual Bungie gunplay.

No Man’s Sky

More than four years after its original release and after many controversies – almost all of which arose during its first months of life – the previously unfulfilled promises have ended up becoming one of the great space exploration games of today. With a practically infinite universe at our fingertips and now yes, a procedural creation that gives rise to creatures, planets and coherent vegetation, Hello Games has not stopped improving the game for free with great updates such as Next, Synthesis, Beyond or even one that makes that looks like something similar to a survival horror, Desolation. The last one, presented recently, shows us how it will improve in the new generation, with more than considerable technical improvements.

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Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Not without problems at launch due to its poor online performance, also after several years we can talk about a piece of the history of the Xbox brand gathered in a single collection now essential, especially after the incorporation of Halo: Reach and Halo 3 : ODST to compilation. Much improved in Xbox Series X, with great campaigns and multiplayer modes that have become instant classics, it is surprising to see how current and current formulas of games are maintained that have almost two decades behind them, such as the first installment, or Halo 2, launched 16 years ago… An essential collection to learn about the evolution of the FPS genre in the last 20 years.

Monster hunter world

To understand the success of Monster Hunter World, suffice it to say that we are talking about the best-selling game in the history of a legendary publisher like Capcom, which with more than 16 million one of sold copies, over and above reputable Resident Evil or Street Fighter licenses. Capcom here makes the franchise more accessible to the novice player without losing an iota of depth in aspects such as the arsenal or crafting, showing a large map before the player but also thinking about relatively short games by putting a time limit on each of the missions to carry out. If we add to this the great Iceborne expansion -not included in the Game Pass version- we have an absolutely immense game with many tens of hours of play ahead.

Nier Automata

Within the genre of action, few are the genres that Nier: Automata does not play, and all of them masterfully. Moreover, it would be unfair to label the Platinum Games and Yoko Taro game in a single genre, but what is clear is that we are talking about one of the best games of this generation that is giving its last death throes, being also one of its biggest surprises. . In a splendid narrative exercise by Taro, Nier: Automata proposes us to give it several turns to know absolutely everything about the game, something that far from generating boredom in the player, he will be delighted to do so in the face of how different each experience is. And of course, as almost always, Platinum at the hand of the action is a guarantee of quality.

Resident Evil 7

Fans of the franchise asked for more terror and less action after the most popcorn installments that are remembered -Resident Evil 5 and above all, Resident Evil 6-, and Capcom, brave, since both are the best sellers so far, listened to them. Drinking from a new trend when it comes to creating survival horror from independent games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent or Outlast, Capcom has triple-A production values ​​to provide an experience in which to accompany Ethan in search of Mia it becomes a real torment because of a family of nuts, the Bakers. Virtually perfect balance between action and exploration, it is a must to play before Resident Evil Village arrives in 2021.

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

Little remains to be said about one of the best RPGs of the generation, an absolutely immense adventure even without its two great expansions -not included in this version for Game Pass- and in which the brilliance of most of its sections is capable of overshadowing its few flaws, such as the combat system, a completely wasted alchemy system, or bland secondary activities. However, its virtues are many more: the size, variety and beauty of its environments, the charisma of its main cast, the relevance of its secondary missions, the design of the monsters, and a long etcetera. CD Projekt culminates its White Wolf trilogy with one of the best role-playing games … surely in history.


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