10 Wonder J-Hope Truths Every Army Should Know


Jung Ho-seok, also known as BTS’s J-Hope, is one of the happiest and most loved guys in the K-Pop group. Here are 10 facts that hardly anyone knows about him!

BTS, J-Hope’s South Korean supergroup and six other members, have captured the hearts of millions of fans around the world. They are often compared to the British boy band, The Beatles, for their hits on the charts. BTS became the first band since The Beatles to have three Billboard No. 1 albums in one year.

BTS wouldn’t be the cultural giant it is today if it weren’t for its enigmatic members. One of them is Jung Ho-seok, BTS’s “Sun” and there is a lot to know about the man who brings joy to the band and the world. These are the 10 fun facts about J-Hope that every ARMY should know.

1. J-Hope’s nicknames

Jung Ho-seok has many nicknames besides his stage name J-Hope. There is a reason behind each of these names. His bandmates commonly refer to him as Hobi, which is short for his stage name. The name fits him as he has an incredibly vibrant demeanor.

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Due to his upbeat personality, fans also like to call him ‘ARMY’s Hope’. J-Hope’s team relies on him for choreography and hence he is also called ‘Dance Team Leader’. Likewise, he has earned the nickname ‘Golden Hyung’ for his multifaceted skill set, the word ‘Hyung’ being used to refer to an older brother.

2. Auditioned with JYP Entertainment

Before BTS, J-Hope took the world by storm, unsuccessfully auditioning with JYP Entertainment in 2009. Unfortunately for the label, they let him go. J-Hope ended up working with the talent agency Big Hit Entertainment and became the third member of the boy band after Rap Monster and Jin.

3. His love of dance

J-Hope is the main rapper and main dancer for BTS. Before starting the band, he was part of the street dance team NEURON. His dance moves are incredibly smooth and in sync with his upbeat personality, something ARMY definitely loves.

J-Hope’s dance is best described as passionate and full of love. In his 2019 solo hit “Chicken Noodle Soup” (with Becky G), he said that he has been crazy about dancing for as long as he can remember while also claiming to be a workaholic.

4. I am your hope, you are my hope

In 2017, BTS debuted on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The host, Ellen DeGeneres, asked each of the seven members to introduce themselves and J-Hope was third in line, after V. In an adorable way, he introduced herself saying, “Hi, I’m your hope, you’re my Hope, I’m J-Hope. ”

It was the most elaborate presentation and the crowd went wild. His stage name, J-Hope, comes from his desire to represent hope for fans. He also likes to think of himself as the hope of the boy band.

5. BTS’s star rapper

J-Hope is an incredibly talented artist with multiple skill sets. Besides being a great dancer, he is also an accomplished rapper. The K-Pop singer dreamed of being a rapper from an early age. He is revered among fans as the star rapper of BTS.

His sense of style is heavily influenced by street fashion. His rap style is catchy and his personality is outgoing and upbeat. J-Hope’s qualities and abilities make him one of the most well-rounded artists in the band.

6. Hope World

J-Hope also has notable solo songs to his credit. At the age of 24, in March 2018, he released his debut mixtape Hope World. The track list includes 7 songs: Hope World, P.O.P (Piece Of Peace), Daydream, Base Line, Hangsang (with Supreme Boi), Airplane, and Blue Side (Outro).

His solo debut in no way meant that he parted ways with the band. For him, the team always comes first and his main focus is on the band. In fact, J-Hope was the third member (after RM and SUGA) to release a solo mixtape. For J-Hope, Hope World is his “calling card to the world”.

7. Ship SOPE

The Ship SOPE is a favorite among BTS fans. It is derived from matching the names J-Hope and SUGA. The two have opposite personalities and are always up to something funny, it is very common to see the two members of the K-Pop band together, both off stage and on social networks.

Their camaraderie is unique due to a well-developed and balanced bond. Some of his fan favorite moments include wearing similar (matching) outfits and imitating himself in photos. They are without a doubt the cutest pair of friends in K-Pop.

8. Making fun of Halsey’s dance moves

American singer Halsey is very good friends with the band. He was featured on the band’s hit song Boy With Luv. Halsey not only contributed to the chorus vocals, but also danced with the boys with a great degree of finesse. In an interview with Heatworld, Halsey revealed that J-Hope initially made fun of her dance moves.

He added that J-Hope and Jungkook were two in the corner who liked to laugh at her shoulder movements. Halsey further said, “Because every time we do (the dance move), there’s always laughs, I mean, it’s always the same. It’s always J-Hope.”

9. Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

The heartbreaking events surrounding George Floyd’s death shook the world. The devastating incident fueled the fight for racial equality and justice around the world and J-Hope was one of the celebrities who expressed their solidarity with the movement.

The rapper took to his Twitter where he posted photos of KAWS TAKE Companion Figures. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the figures went to the Color of Change and Black Lives Matter organizations. It is a well known fact that J-Hope likes to accumulate KAWS collectibles.

10. Philanthropist

The BTS rapper makes regular contributions to the causes that matter most to him. On his birthday last year, he made a significant donation to ChildFund Korea to support underprivileged students attending his alma mater in Gwangju. J-Hope certainly has a big heart.

As the Black Lives Matter movement resurfaced this year, J-Hope, BTS, and Big Hit Entertainment took the first step in the Korean pop industry by donating $ 1 million (USD) to the movement.

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