10 websites where you can have fun while alone


Because of the pandemic, movies, music, books, applications have been our companions for almost a year. Our time on social media has increased exponentially. In spite of all this, are you still in search of new ways to enjoy our free time with a little fun? We have listed 10 websites that may correspond to your search.

1- Draw a Stick Man

When you enter the website, you are asked to draw a stickman and then you find this stickman in the middle of a story. You draw your character’s needs and continue the story. You can play the game where you can show your drawing skills and spend time.

2- Find The Invisible Cow

You can play the digital version of the hot and cold game that most of us play in primary school on this website. As you move your cursor on the white screen you see, a sound will rise. A cow is hiding at the loudest point and you try to find this point with your cursor.

3- Tic Tac Toe

You can play Tic Tac Toe game, which comes into our lives when we use MSN and you can spend time without getting bored, on this site against the computer. You can also play with your friend next to you.

4- Quick, Draw

In this game developed by Google, you see an object that you want to draw in 20 seconds. When you start drawing, the developed artificial intelligence also makes predictions for the object you draw. At the end of the game, you see how many of the 6 objects you have drawn can be found in artificial intelligence.

5- Radiooooo

When you enter this website, you will see a world map. When you choose a country from the world map, you can listen to the trend music of that country since 1900. As you spend time on the Radiooooo site, you can learn about the culture of the countries and discover new music.


The name of the QWOP site consists of the keys used in the game. You have to move the runner on the screen by using the Q, W, O and P keys. In order to take this runner to the finish line, you need to use both your eyes and fingers in a synchronized way.

7- IncrediBox

IncrediBox is a website where you can produce music in your own style using different sounds. When you enter the site, you can make your own choices and experience short-term DJ pleasure. It is recommended that you wear headphones for the highest level of quality.

8- Silk

You can see the symmetrical reflections of the lines you draw with the help of your mouse on Silk, which brings together those who love to design and those who are obsessed with symmetry, and you can create beautiful designs.

9- Ocearch

When you enter the website, a full screen world map appears. You can also see the locations of various creatures on the world map. When you click on the icons of living things, you can examine the information, locations, photographs, routes they took and more of those creatures. You can also add a creature you choose to your favorites and see where it travels.

10- FlightRadar24

When you enter our last website, you can see all the planes traveling in front of you. If there is a plane you want to watch, you can find it in the search section and follow the journey. You can also access information about the aircraft you have chosen from the adjacent panel.


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